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Buenos Aires Photo Tour: Immersive Tango Experience

Buenos Aires Photo Tour: Immersive Tango Experience

$200 per person

Heartbeat of Buenos Aires

Delve into the rhythmic heart of Argentina on our Buenos Aires Photo Tour. This journey is crafted to plunge participants into the soulful world of Argentine tango. In 2009, UNESCO recognized the Argentine tango as part of the world’s intangible cultural heritage, a testament to its profound significance in global culture and history. With the city’s passionate hues serving as your canvas, this 2-hour adventure through iconic locales will have every corner echoing the whispers and footsteps of tango legends.

Not Just Another City Tour

This is no ordinary exploration. Our Buenos Aires Photo Tour seamlessly intertwines the art of photography with the passionate embrace of tango. As you traverse the city’s labyrinth of streets, alleys, and plazas, professional dancers emerge as your muses. Their fluid movements and evocative poses, set against the urban backdrop of Buenos Aires, promise photographs brimming with emotion and story.

Perfecting Your Craft with Expert Guidance

Guided by seasoned photographers, participants are bestowed with not just expert advice, but also access to high-end photography equipment. Whether capturing the dancer’s swift pirouettes, their intricate footwork, or their silhouette framed against the Buenos Aires skyline, every moment offers a unique opportunity to hone your skills.

A Tour Beyond Photography

By the culmination of the Buenos Aires Photo Tour, expect to have enriched not just your photographic repertoire but also your soul. With a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Argentine tango, you’ll leave with memories that resonate both visually and emotionally.


  • Single person: $450
  • 2 people: $290 each
  • 3 people: $220 each
  • 4 people: $200 each

The package cost includes hotel pick-up and drop-off within the city center limits. Kindly note that transport outside this region and meals are not part of the package.

Optional Enhancements

For an added fee of $120, avail a Model Release form signed by the dancers, enabling you to use your photographs for commercial purposes.

Important Notes:

  1. This is a 2-hour tour, with the possibility of extension upon request.
  2. The tour provides high-end photography equipment, but participants are welcome to bring their gear.
  3. Professional tango dancers serve as subjects, ensuring authentic and evocative photos.
  4. The tour covers multiple iconic locations within Buenos Aires, but specific spots can be discussed and customized.

Elevate your photographic journey by capturing the soulful dance of tango amidst the captivating streets of Buenos Aires. For inquiries and reservations, use booking form or send us an email.

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  • Departure Time
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  • What to wear
    Comfortable seasonal clothing and shoes
  • Included
    Photo Assistance
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    Local Flights

Tour Plan

2 PM - Departure & Introduction
Your Buenos Aires Tango Photo Tour commences with a seamless pick-up from your hotel. As you venture forth, immerse in a quick introduction, setting the tone for an unforgettable journey into the world of tango.
2:30 PM: Echoes of History: San Telmo & La Boca
Delve into the rich heritage of tango in the atmospheric quarters of San Telmo. Its antiquated charm serves as a picturesque backdrop for the mesmerizing dance. As you progress, La Boca presents a riot of colors, its vivacious streets and lively spirit offering a contrast yet captivating stage for your captures.
3 PM: Merging Times: Plaza de Mayo & Puerto Madero
The journey continues to the heart of Buenos Aires – Plaza de Mayo. This landmark plaza, steeped in history, adds depth to your tango narrative. Shortly after, the modern silhouettes of Puerto Madero rise to greet you. Here, the fusion of old and new, traditional and contemporary, offers a unique canvas for your tango stories.
End - 4 PM: Nature's Closing Act: Palermo Parks & Return
The tour culminates amidst the refreshing greens of Palermo Parks. As nature plays with light and shadow, capture your final moments of tango in this serene setting. After a brief reflection on the day’s journey, you'll be comfortably escorted back to your hotel, marking a fitting end to this immersive experience.

Tour Location

Embark on a journey through the historic heart of tango in San Telmo, before immersing yourself in the riot of colors and culture in La Boca. Feel the city's pulse at the pulsating core of Buenos Aires, Plaza de Mayo, and witness the harmonious blend of modernity and riverside beauty in Puerto Madero. Round off your exploration in the nature's serene embrace of Palermo Parks.

San Telmo:

Once a retreat for the aristocratic families of Buenos Aires, San Telmo has transformed over the years into a haven for artists, musicians, and of course, tango dancers. Its cobbled streets, colonial-era buildings, and bustling antique markets paint a picture of a time when tango was born. The air here is thick with nostalgia, as if the melodies of old tango songs still echo through its bylanes, making it a magnet for photographers and history enthusiasts alike.

La Boca:

Stepping into La Boca feels like being whisked away into a boisterous carnival of colors. It’s a district where every corner is alive with art, from the brightly painted buildings to the impromptu tango performances on the sidewalks. The renowned Caminito street, an open-air museum of sorts, perfectly captures the spirit of La Boca, reflecting the city’s vivacious artistic and cultural pulse.

Plaza de Mayo:

The heart of political, cultural, and social events in Buenos Aires, Plaza de Mayo is more than just a city square. Surrounded by monumental edifices, this plaza has borne witness to some of the most significant events in Argentina's history. Its vast expanse is dotted with iconic structures like the Casa Rosada and the Metropolitan Cathedral, ensuring that every snapshot here is imbued with a piece of Buenos Aires' soul.

Puerto Madero:

A stark contrast to the city’s historic districts, Puerto Madero represents the contemporary face of Buenos Aires. Once a dilapidated port, it’s now a revitalized waterfront with shimmering skyscrapers, elegant bridges, and plush eateries. The iconic Puente de la Mujer bridge, resembling a couple dancing tango, adds to its allure, making it a picturesque location that merges the city’s past and present.

Palermo Parks:

A lush oasis amidst the urban sprawl, Palermo Parks offer a tranquil retreat for both locals and tourists. Expansive green lawns interspersed with serene lakes and groves provide the perfect backdrop for a tango photo session. As the day winds down, the setting sun casts a golden hue over the landscape, encapsulating the enchanting beauty of Buenos Aires in every frame.