Fitz Roy Tour Patagonia Chalten

El Chalten Tour: Embracing the Patagonian Adventure

El Chalten Tour: Embracing the Patagonian Adventure

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Arrival & Introduction in El Chaltén

Upon your arrival for the El Chalten tour, renowned photographers warmly welcome you. They introduce you to the enchanting world of Patagonian photography. As the sun sets, you’ll marvel at the panoramic views from the iconic “Paredón Viewpoint.”

Journey to Cerro Fitz Roy

Day breaks and the Andean horizon reveals its beauty. As part of our El Chalten tour, we embark on a journey to the iconic Cerro Fitz Roy. The Patagonian trails guide us to the Poincenot camp. Here, the pristine Chorrillo river paints perfect sunset reflections of Mount Fitz Roy.

Challenging Terrains to Laguna de Los Tres

Our next challenge? The trail to Laguna de Los Tres. As we climb, the panoramic sunrise views at this unique spot reward our efforts. We then return to El Chaltén, capturing the spirit of the landscape along the way.

Relax & Learn in El Chaltén

After a rejuvenating rest during our El Chalten tour, we delve into post-production in Lightroom. Our lessons aim to bring out the artist in you.

The Call of Cerro Torre

The Cerro Torre beckons next. We trek amidst rustling lenga’s trees to reach the pristine Laguna Torre and the Maestri viewpoint. Each spot offers new opportunities to capture Patagonia’s beauty.

Reflection & Departure

We wind down with a session reflecting on our photographic achievements. As you leave, the memories of Patagonia from our El Chaltén tour remain etched in your heart.

Important Notes:

  1. Ensure you wear waterproof hiking boots and UV-protected sunglasses.
  2. Our El Chalten tour package includes all lodging and certain meals, but please check the itinerary for specifics.
  3. Always follow the guides’ advice for a safe and enjoyable trekking experience.
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  • What to wear
    Comfortable seasonal clothing and shoes
  • Included
    Photo Assistance
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    Entrance Fees
    Local Flights

Tour Plan

Day 1: Welcome to El Chaltén
Upon arriving in the picturesque town of El Chaltén, guests settle into their designated hotel. As the afternoon sun hovers in the sky, the group congregates for an enlightening introductory session on Patagonian photography, led by renowned photographers. The day culminates with a tranquil evening trek to the "Paredón Viewpoint," where the setting sun paints the landscape in a golden hue.
Day 2: Delving into Cerro Fitz Roy's Beauty
As dawn breaks, the group ventures to a nearby viewpoint, capturing the first light shimmering over the Andes. After a hearty breakfast, a scenic transfer to Hosteria El Pilar awaits. The heart of the day is spent embarking on a 12-km trek towards the Poincenot camp. As night approaches, the majestic Mount Fitz Roy serves as the perfect backdrop for a captivating sunset photography session.
Day 3: The Ascent to Laguna de Los Tres
The day starts pre-dawn, with an energizing trek to Laguna de Los Tres. As the sun graces the horizon, the group is rewarded with panoramic sunrise views from this unique vantage point. The descent leads back to El Chaltén, with ample opportunities to photograph the mesmerizing landscapes, including the picturesque banks of the Chorrillo River.
Day 4: Relaxation and Learning in El Chaltén
A leisurely morning provides guests with personal time to explore or rest. As the day progresses, attendees immerse themselves in a hands-on session on photo post-production using Lightroom. The day's end is marked by a visit to the Mirador Fitz Roy, where the setting sun offers another chance to capture the beauty of Patagonia.
Day 5: The Mystique of Cerro Torre
After breakfast, the day unfolds with an 11-km trek to the serene Laguna Torre, meandering through a dense forest of lenga trees. The evening is reserved for an enchanting sunset and nighttime photography session, with options to set up at either the Fitz Roy River or Laguna Torre.
Day 6: Dawn at Laguna Torre
The early risers in the group are rewarded with a magical sunrise viewing from Laguna Torre and the Maestri viewpoint. The return journey to El Chaltén is punctuated with numerous stops, offering varied and breathtaking perspectives of Cerro Torre.
Day 7: Concluding the Adventure
The final day begins with a delightful breakfast. This is followed by a collaborative session where participants review and celebrate the photographic masterpieces created during the tour. With hearts full of memories and cameras full of breathtaking captures, the group bids El Chaltén a heartfelt farewell, already dreaming of the next adventure.

Tour Location

Nestled within Argentina's Los Glaciares National Park, El Chaltén is often dubbed the 'Trekking Capital of Argentina.' A gateway to the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia, this quaint town offers a front-row seat to the majestic spires of Cerro Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. The area teems with glacial lakes, dense forests, and trails that beckon adventurers and photographers alike. El Chaltén is not just a destination; it's a haven for those seeking serenity amidst nature's grandeur.

Cerro Fitz Roy:

Dominating the Patagonian skyline, Cerro Fitz Roy stands tall at 3,405 meters. Also known as Monte Fitz Roy, this granite mountain is often compared to the Himalayas for its technical climbing challenges. However, even non-climbers find solace in its beauty. Numerous trails, like the one leading to Laguna de Los Tres, offer panoramic views of its jagged peaks. Surrounded by glacial waters, the mountain's silhouette during sunrise or sunset is a photographer's dream come true.

Laguna de Los Tres:

This iconic glacial lake offers one of the most postcard-perfect views of Cerro Fitz Roy. Located at the end of a moderately challenging trek, the lake's name translates to 'Lagoon of the Three,' referring to the three peaks it showcases: Fitz Roy, Poincenot, and Saint-Exupéry. The final ascent to the lake is steep, but the breathtaking vistas of turquoise waters set against the backdrop of towering peaks make every step worth the effort.

Cerro Torre:

Another jewel in Patagonia's crown, Cerro Torre's needle-like peak reaches 3,128 meters. Clouds often shroud its summit, adding an air of mystique. Known as one of the most challenging mountains to climb globally, its sheer granite faces have become legends in the climbing community. For those less inclined towards climbing, the Laguna Torre trail offers an accessible way to appreciate the mountain's grandeur, culminating at a lake with the Cerro Torre peak reflecting in its serene waters.