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El Bolson Tour: Capturing Patagonia Timeless Beauty

El Bolson Tour: Capturing Patagonia Timeless Beauty

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Delve deep into the enchantment of Patagonia with our El Bolson Tour. Setting off from the lively Bariloche, this expedition spans from 4 to 8 days, and caters to photographers of all proficiencies. The untouched allure of El Bolson beckons the keen-eyed, delivering an abundance of awe-inspiring moments.

Palette of Nature in El Bolson

El Bolson presents a varied tapestry of landscapes. The calm waters of Lake Puelo offer a serene contrast to the towering sights from Cerro Piltriquitron. Each view in this region is a work of art, waiting to be framed. Engaging with the native gauchos provides cultural depth, and it paves the way to the vast stretches of the Hielo Azul refuge. This backdrop, bathed in nature’s perfect hues, ensures photographic gems.

Bonding in the Heart of Nature

An underrated gem of the El Bolson Tour is the unity formed amongst its participants. Trekking diverse landscapes, sharing meals under the open heavens, and discussing photographic wisdom leads to an organic camaraderie. This journey bolsters personal evolution, perfecting one’s photography craft, and building enduring bonds in the midst of El Bolson’s captivating vistas.

Journey Beyond the Camera

For those with a thirst for thrill, added adventures await. A challenging yet gratifying trek reveals the magnificent glaciers. Their majesty, enhanced by the dance of light and shade, is every photographer’s paradise.

The Extended Voyage

Choosing the 8-day version ushers you to the wonders of Gualjaina. Venture into the age-old Piedra Parada caldera, where tales of the past meet visual splendor.

A Comprehensive Journey

Beyond just sites, our crew assures a flawless journey. Featuring cozy stays, flavorsome local dishes, and comprehensive photographic mentorship, this tour offers an encompassing experience. Particularly under the Patagonian stars, where you’ll master techniques to immortalize the surreal Milky Way.

To sum it up, the El Bolson Tour goes beyond just pictures; it’s about narratives – tales of escapades, the majesty of nature, and cherished memories from a timeless land. Securing a place on this transformative trip ensures El Bolson’s charm touches both your lens and heart.

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    Comfortable seasonal clothing and shoes
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Tour Plan

Day 1 - Welcome to Patagonia: Bariloche to El Bolson
Your Patagonian adventure begins with pickups at 02:00 PM in Downtown Bariloche and a subsequent 04:00 PM pickup at Bariloche Airport. After a scenic 2-hour drive, you'll find yourself in El Bolson, where your hotel room awaits. Once settled and ready, you'll be treated to a traditional Patagonian dinner. Post dinner, our photo session begins. Depending on group preference, we might either head to the tranquil shores of Lake Puelo or embark on an hour's trek to a picturesque spot on Cerro Piltriquitron. After capturing the evening's beauty, we retire for the night.
Day 2 - Horseback Journey to Hielo Azul Refuge
The early bird gets the worm, or in our case, the perfect shot! We're up by 07:00 AM for breakfast. After ensuring everyone is geared up with their equipment, we drive to our rendezvous point where local gauchos and their horses await. An exhilarating 5-hour horseback ride takes us to the Hielo Azul refuge, nestled deep within the mountains. Here, the golden and blue hours offer captivating photographic opportunities. Post our session, an authentic Patagonian meal, cooked by our dedicated culinary team, will be our reward. A short evening exploration later, we return to the refuge for a restful sleep.
Day 3 - Glacier Hike & Surrounding Exploration
Today splits our group in two. For the physically fit, a 3-hour hike to a nearby glacier begins post a hearty 07:00 AM breakfast. This trek promises phenomenal photo ops. Meanwhile, the rest of the group will explore the surroundings of the mountain refuge with our second instructor. This session offers ample chances to photograph the beauty of Hielo Azul, accompanied by delicious food. Both groups will reconvene by 5:30 PM for some leisure time before meeting again for dinner. Post-dinner, our focus shifts upwards as we try to capture the Milky Way in all its glory.
Day 4 - Descending Adventures & Transition to Gualjaina
Rise and shine! After an early breakfast at 07:30 AM, we pack our belongings. With our backpacks loaded onto the horses, we journey back to the base where our 4x4 trucks are stationed. From here, it's back to El Bolson, where you can refresh and change into fresh clothes, marking the conclusion of our 4-day tour.
For those continuing on the 8-day tour, lunch at a local restaurant will rejuvenate you for the 4-hour drive to Gualjaina, a quaint town located near the Piedra Parada. Once we're checked in and well-rested, an evening filled with gastronomical delights and a night photography workshop in Gualjaina await.
Day 5 - Delving into Piedra Parada Caldera & Night Expedition
A leisurely morning breakfast fuels us for our trip to the Piedra Parada caldera, a magnificent relic from the Paleogene era. Venturing deep inside the caldera, we'll be presented with vibrant colors and incredible shooting spots. After a site breakfast and early return, we rest up for another night workshop, exploring various spots around Piedra Parada till the early hours of 5 AM.
Day 6 - Extended Exploration of Piedra Parada
A morning of well-deserved rest leads to a hearty breakfast. Our destination? Back to Piedra Parada. Hours of photography culminate in a stunning sunset capture. Dinner offers a brief respite before we're out again, aiming our lenses at the mesmerizing night skies till midnight. Thereafter, we head back to Gualjaina.
Day 7 - Sunrise at Cerro Piltriquitron & Descent to El Bolson
Post-breakfast, our journey retraces back to El Bolson. Settled into our rooms and after a sumptuous meal, our last adventure awaits. A 1.5-hour hike up to the Cerro Piltriquitron refuge offers us one last sunrise capture. Dinner at the refuge and a night photo session mark our last night. By midnight, we descend back to town, resting our weary feet in our cabins.
Day 8 (OPTIONAL) - Post-Processing Workshop
For those interested, an optional post-processing workshop is on the cards. Emphasizing the importance of post-processing in realizing your artistic vision, this workshop ensures your photos reach their potential. However, this is subject to prior bookings, so make sure to book your spot in advance.
Your comprehensive package includes a vivid photography experience in Patagonia, spanning across both its daytime beauty and nighttime majesty. Accommodation, most meals, transport during the expedition, park entrances, and the secret day activities are all covered. Please note that international flights, transportation to Bariloche, insurance, some meals, sleeping bags, and personal beverages are not included.

Tour Location

Nestled in the heart of South America, Patagonia is a mesmerizing blend of rugged landscapes and serene beauty. From the majestic peaks of the Andes to the tranquil shores of its lakes, it offers a diverse backdrop that is a photographer's dream. This journey will take you from the vibrant town of Bariloche to the enchanting El Bolson, the mystical Hielo Azul, and the ancient wonders of Gualjaina.


A buzzing town often referred to as the gateway to Patagonia, Bariloche is surrounded by the majestic Andes and bordered by the pristine waters of Nahuel Huapi Lake. With its Swiss-style architecture and famous chocolate shops, it offers a delightful juxtaposition of culture amidst nature.

El Bolson:

Located in a valley at the base of the Piltriquitron Mountain, El Bolson is famed for its artisan markets, organic produce, and bewitching landscapes. It's a haven for nature enthusiasts and those seeking to connect with Earth's raw beauty.

Hielo Azul:

Deep within the Patagonian mountains lies the Hielo Azul refuge. Surrounded by pristine forests, the refuge offers panoramic views of glaciers and mountain peaks. The serenity here is unmatched, making it a favorite spot for photographers seeking tranquility along with awe-inspiring views.


A quaint town that serves as a prelude to the ancient marvels of Piedra Parada, Gualjaina offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling tourist spots. Its proximity to the Piedra Parada caldera makes it a significant stopover for those keen on exploring Patagonia's geological wonders.

Piedra Parada Caldera:

An ancient remnant from the Paleogene era, the Piedra Parada caldera stands as a testament to the geological events of bygone days. With its vastness and vibrant hues, it offers a unique backdrop that captivates every photographer's lens.