Paraty photo tour Brazil

4-Day Paraty Tour: Brazil Coastal Beauty and Cultural Richness

4-Day Paraty Tour: Brazil Coastal Beauty and Cultural Richness

$1600 per person

Embark on a Paraty tour to explore Brazil’s coastal gem. Nestled between the lush Atlantic Forest and vibrant sea, Paraty is unique. It offers natural splendor, cultural heritage, and local traditions that create an unforgettable experience.

Natural Wonders and Scenic Beauty

A Paraty tour lets you explore hidden gems like never before. Wander through the UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic center, marveling at charming houses with colorful windows. Sail through the Saco do Mamanguá, an 8-kilometer sea entrance, surrounded by towering mountains, pristine beaches, and quaint villages, all reflecting different shades of green.

Unforgettable Experiences

Moreover, visit the majestic Pico do Pão de Açúcar, bigger than the one in Rio de Janeiro, offering breathtaking panoramic views. But this Paraty tour is not just about sightseeing; it’s about engaging with the land and the sea. From hiking adventures to boat rides, every activity is crafted to provide an authentic connection with nature.

Cultural Connections

Meet local artisans and learn about traditional fishing practices. Indulge in regional cuisine like Dona Gracinha’s famous sweets, and dishes made from fresh fish and local plants that define this coastal paradise. Guided by photographer Victor Lima, discover hidden treasures and capture special moments through a unique lens.

Beyond the Tourist Route

Furthermore, take a step off the conventional tourist path. Dive into an authentic Paraty tour that combines local living with natural wonders. Enjoy boat rides on the emerald sea, hike through tropical landscapes, and visit remote fishing villages where local traditions still thrive.

Dance, Dine, Explore

Let the rhythm of Ciranda and Jongo dances immerse you in Paraty’s rich culture. Watch traditional performances like the Folia de Reis, and listen to Native Guarani songs. Whether a photography enthusiast or a lover of simple, heartwarming experiences, this tour is inviting. Slow down and savor every moment in one of Brazil’s most beautiful regions.

Your Adventure Awaits

Your adventure in Paraty is waiting. Here, nature, tradition, and culture unite to create an unforgettable tour. Explore, experience, and embrace Paraty’s magic. This exclusive tour connects you with the real Brazil.

Pricing Details

  • Solo Journey: 3500 USD
  • Traveling Pair: 1950 USD per person
  • Group Adventures: 1600 USD per person (for groups of 3 or more)
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  • What to wear
    Comfortable seasonal clothing and shoes
  • Included
    Photo Assistance
  • Not Included
    Entrance Fees
    Local Flights

Tour Plan

Day 1: Paraty - A Cultural Introduction
Arrive in Paraty and explore the UNESCO-listed Historic Center, capturing the essence of the city through photography during sunrise. Enjoy a special dinner with regional dishes.
Day 2: Saco do Mamanguá - Natural Wonders
Start early with a boat ride through Saco do Mamanguá. Hike up to Pico do Pão de Açúcar, visit traditional villages, and savor lunch at a fisherman's restaurant inside the mangrove. End the day meeting local artisans.
Day 3: Ilha do Araújo - Sea Exploration
Sail to another fisherman's village, visit paradisiacal beaches, and photograph artisanal fishing. Enjoy lunch at a traditional restaurant and head back to Paraty to explore the Historic Center during sunset.
Day 4: Paraty - Farewell Sunrise
Wake up early to photograph Paraty at sunrise from a strategic location. After breakfast, reflect on the unforgettable experiences as you prepare to head home, with an estimated arrival in São Paulo around 2 pm.
Please note:
This schedule is flexible, aiming for an authentic experience, and can adapt to the group's interests. Activities such as photographing, sailing, and hiking are part of the adventure, aiming to connect you with local traditions and the stunning beauty of Paraty.

Tour Location

Located in the southeastern part of Brazil, Paraty is a small town famous for its preserved colonial architecture, lush tropical forests, and breathtaking beaches. Its unique combination of historical charm and natural beauty makes it an essential destination for any traveler in Brazil.

Historic Center of Paraty

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Historic Center of Paraty, is a beautiful blend of colonial architecture and cobblestone streets. The buildings' vividly colored facades and ornate windows give a glimpse into the town's rich history. Here, you can walk through centuries-old churches, vibrant art galleries, and bustling markets filled with local handicrafts.

Saco do Mamanguá

Known as Brazil's only tropical fjord, the Saco do Mamanguá is a stunning sea entrance surrounded by majestic mountains and untouched beaches. This 8-kilometer stretch is a nature lover's paradise, offering opportunities for sailing, kayaking, and swimming. The small fishing villages along the shore provide a charming insight into the local way of life.

Pico do Pão de Açúcar

The hike to Pico do Pão de Açúcar is one of the most exhilarating experiences in Paraty. This majestic peak offers panoramic views that stretch across the emerald sea and dense forest. It's a haven for adventure seekers and a perfect spot for capturing breathtaking photographs.