Galapagos Islands Tour - Ecuador

10-day Galapagos Islands Photo Tour: Frame Nature’s Beauty

10-day Galapagos Islands Photo Tour: Frame Nature’s Beauty

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Discover the enchantment of nature as you’ve never seen it before on our Galapagos Islands Photo Tour. Over ten transformative days, you’ll blend the joys of photography with the unrivaled beauty of one of the world’s most unique ecosystems.

Moments to Capture:

Wildlife in Action: From the lazing marine iguanas to the intricate dance of blue-footed boobies, every creature on the Galápagos narrates a story. And with your camera in hand, you have the privilege of chronicling these tales.

Landscapes of Fire and Time: The terrains of Isabela Island, especially Sierra Negra and Chico volcanoes, stand as silent sentinels of time. These landscapes, shaped by millennia, are a photographer’s dream. Each curve, shadow, and hue is a testament to Earth’s restless heart.

Aquatic Adventures: Delve beneath the waves near Cabo Rosa tunnels and Kicker Rock. The underwater world here is a riot of colors and movement. Vibrant corals, graceful sea turtles, and darting fish create a dynamic tableau.

Stories of Humanity: The Galápagos isn’t just about nature. It’s also home to resilient communities that have thrived in harmony with their surroundings. As you interact with locals or explore the Interpretation Center, you’ll get a glimpse of the human tapestry that enriches these islands.

Why Our Photo Tour Stands Out:

Holistic Experience: We manage every aspect, from cozy accommodations to insightful excursions and delightful meals. Hence, you can channel your energy and focus on perfecting your shots.

Guidance at Every Step: Our experts are not just knowledgeable about the Galápagos. They’re also passionate about photography. As a result, they’ll share tips, techniques, and insights, elevating your photography skills.

Adaptable Agenda: We recognize that the best shots can’t be scheduled. That’s why our itinerary remains fluid, giving you the flexibility to chase the golden hour or wait for that perfect wildlife moment.

The Galapagos Islands Photo Tour is more than a trip. It’s an exploration of your passion for photography, set against the backdrop of nature’s grand theater. So, whether you’re sharpening your skills or looking for those iconic shots, the Galápagos awaits.

Given our commitment to quality and sustainability, we keep our group sizes small. Thus, ensuring an intimate and impactful experience. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity. Secure your spot now, and let the Galápagos inspire your next masterpiece!

Rate Includes:

  • All transfers within the Galapagos, inclusive of vehicles, drivers, and associated fees.
  • Guidance by professionals as detailed in the itinerary.
  • Accommodation as outlined in the program, typically on a double-sharing basis (availability permitting).
  • Meals as mentioned (8 meals in total, 5 dinners).
  • Soft drinks, notably water and juice, during meals.
  • All visits and activities as mentioned in the program.
  • Entry fees to specified sites (note: this doesn’t cover the Galápagos National Park entrance).
  • Licensing fees for ITK travel agency as well as our designated guides and drivers.

Rate Does Not Include:

  • International flight fares.
  • Roundtrip flights within the Galapagos (Quito to Baltra and San Cristobal to Guayaquil). For adults, it’s $550 and for children under 12, it’s $440. (Please note that prices might vary depending on the airline and demand. However, ITK Voyage can assist with reservations if informed earlier.)
  • Transfers and services on the mainland.
  • Galápagos National Park entrance fee ($100 for adults and $50 for children under 12 years old).
  • INGALA migration card, a prerequisite for entering the Galápagos ($20 per person).
  • Any personal equipment, with snorkelling equipment being the sole exception.
  • Visits or activities labeled as “Optional” or requiring an extra cost.
  • Wetsuit rental ($5 per person daily).
  • Sodas and alcoholic beverages.
  • Meals not specifically mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Gratuities or tips.

Hotels & Lodges

Duration: Days 2 & 3
Hotel: Cucuve Suite Hotel 3/4****
Room Type: Balcony Room

Duration: Days 4, 5 & 6
Hotel: Isabela Beach House 3/4****
Room Type: Ocean View Room

Duration: Days 7, 8 & 9
Hotel: Casa Opuntia Hotel 3/4****
Room Type: Ocean View Room

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  • What to wear
    Comfortable seasonal clothing and shoes
  • Included
    Entrance Fees
    Photo Assistance
  • Not Included
    Local Flights

Tour Plan

Day 1: Quito to Santa Cruz Island via Baltra (Giant Tortoise Reserve)
Start your day with a transfer to the airport. After settling your INGALA migration card fee ($20/person), prepare for a roughly 3.5-hour flight to Galápagos, with a layover in Guayaquil. Upon landing on Baltra Island, an entrance fee to the Galapagos National Park ($100/person) is required.
Meet your guide at the exit, then take a 15-minute bus ride, the only authorized mode of transport here, followed by a 5-minute boat ride across the Itabaca canal. After, a private transfer takes you up to Santa Cruz Island's highlands. En route, accompanied by a Spanish-speaking driver, visit the Giant Land Tortoise Reserve to witness these iconic creatures in their environment.
However, the driver will remain with the vehicle and won't guide the tour. Expect possible sightings of mountain birds like egrets and mockingbirds. Lunch is on your own, at the port or reserve. The day concludes with a descent to Puerto Ayora and a hotel check-in. Dinner is not provided.
Day 2: Santa Cruz Island Exploration (Bartolomé Island & Sullivan Bay)
Begin your day with a hearty breakfast before being transferred to the Itabaca canal. Here, you'll board a boat with fellow adventurers (up to 20 people) and set off on a 2-hour ferry journey to the picturesque Bartolomé Island, known for its recent volcanic activity. Engage in a short hike that guides you to a summit standing at 374ft. If you're up for a challenge, climb an additional 300 steps to enjoy a panoramic view that boasts breathtaking landscapes reminiscent of lunar terrains - a photographer's paradise.
After a lunch onboard (included), you'll sail to Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island's eastern coast. Here, step onto a pristine white-coral beach and stroll over lava trails formed less than a hundred years ago, offering a vivid glimpse into the Galápagos' volcanic essence.
By late afternoon, you'll head back to the port, followed by dinner (on your own) and a night at your hotel.
Note: The day's itinerary might shift to include visits to Bartolome, Santa Fe, Plazas, or Floreana islands based on Galapagos National Park permissions. Such changes could be last-minute.
Day 3: Santa Cruz Island Exploration (North Seymour Island & Bachas Beach)
Kick off your day with a 40-minute bus transfer to the Itabaca Canal, where you'll join your group (up to 20 members) aboard a boat. Today's destination is the unique Seymour Island, renowned for its nesting sites. An enriching trail stretching 1.2km on Seymour promises intimate encounters with blue-legged boobies and striking frigates. Let your camera capture the vibrant dance of nature, from frigates flaunting their vibrant red frills to the mesmerizing courtship display of blue-legged boobies.
As the day unfolds, you might also spot the rare land iguanas exclusive to specific islands within the archipelago. Post a hearty onboard lunch (included), navigate to the serene Bachas Beach. Dive into its inviting waters, keeping an eye out for sea turtles that often nest here and graceful flamingos gracing the tranquil lagoons.
As the sun sets, head back to the port to unwind. Your dinner plans are open (not included), followed by a restful night.
Note: Depending on permissions, the day's journey might pivot to feature Bartolome, Santa Fe, Plazas, or Floreana islands. Such changes can be decided last-minute.
Day 4: Transition from Santa Cruz to Isabela Island - Exploration at Leisure
Starting at 6 am, you'll embark on a 2-hour ferry ride to the serene Isabela Island. Once you reach (after a minor shuttle fee), a modest entrance fee grants you access to the island's wonders. Your driver awaits your arrival, facilitating a seamless transfer to your hotel. Here, you can unload your luggage and set forth on your Isabela exploration.
Discover the Crianza de Tortugas, an ideal spot for those who missed the turtle experience on Santa Cruz. This sanctuary nurses and rehabilitates several hundred giant tortoises (Approximate duration: 2h30).
History awaits at Muro de las lágrimas or "Wall of Tears". As a relic from when Isabela served as a penal colony until 1959, this wall embodies the suffering of prisoners forced to build it under grim conditions (Visit: 5h).
For marine enthusiasts, Concha de Perla offers an unparalleled snorkeling experience. Dive deep with sea lions, turtles, and a myriad of tropical fish (Visit: 2h50).
Nature lovers will revel in the Humedales tour, a RAMSAR-classified mangrove with a biodiverse ecosystem. Flamingos, amongst other fauna, frequent this wetland (Visit: 3h30).
Optionally, for a fee, explore Tintoreras. A brief fishing boat ride leads you to a haven filled with marine iguanas, sea lions, and blue-footed boobies. Dive in with your snorkeling gear for an immersive experience (Visit: 3h30).
Cap off your day with meals at the port (not included) and rest in Isabela's embrace.
Note: The ferry journey may be a tad turbulent. Those prone to seasickness or with specific health concerns might find it challenging. An airplane journey can be arranged for an extra fee.
Day 5: Isabela Island – Volcanic Treks and Lunar Landscapes
Kick off your day with an early start as your driver awaits to guide you to Isabela Island's higher terrains. Here, gear up for a robust 16 km hike, spanning approximately 5-6 hours, across the slopes of the Sierra Negra and Chico volcanoes. Their latest eruption etched history in 2018.
As the largest island, Isabela boasts frequent volcanic activities. Traversing its terrains, you'll be treated to mesmerizing lunar vistas. The vast lava desert stretches infinitely, punctuated sparingly by resilient cacti. Don't miss the chance to frame these surreal panoramas.
Refuel with a picnic lunch during your expedition (included).
Post this invigorating adventure, make your way back to the Isabela port by late afternoon. Relish some leisure time as you head to Puerto Villamil beach. Watch marine iguanas in their natural habitat, and immerse in the local culture. A stroll across the port presents abundant photo opportunities with the vibrant community.
Conclude your day with a savory dinner (not included) and a comfortable stay at your hotel.
Day 6: Dive into Isabela Island's Underwater Paradise – Cabo Rosa Tunnels
Brace yourself for an unparalleled underwater experience in the Galápagos! Begin your morning prepping your camera to capture mesmerizing moments. After a hearty breakfast, your driver will assist you in gearing up with your snorkelling essentials.
Journey to the port and meet your guide before hopping onto a boat to navigate the enchanting waters of Cabo Rosa. Here, witness the marvel of nature as lava tubes snake their way above and below the water's surface. The landscapes, reminiscent of scenes straight from a Jules Verne novel, are punctuated by the presence of playful Galápagos penguins and the iconic blue-footed boobies.
Lunch awaits onboard (included) post which, it's time to delve into the azure waters. With fins, mask, and snorkel at the ready, explore the vibrant marine life below. Let the dance of sea turtles, white-tip sharks, and if luck sides with you, elusive seahorses, captivate your senses.
As the day winds down, head back to the port and bask in some leisure time. Rediscover Isabela's wild charm before settling down for dinner (not included) in Puerto Villamil. Cherish your last night on this enchanting island.
Day 7: From Isabela to San Cristobal: A Skyward Journey Amidst Islands
Begin your day at a leisurely pace on Isabela Island. This is a golden opportunity to mingle with locals, experiencing the heartbeat of the island. With your camera in hand, capture candid moments that will be etched in your memory forever.
By 1:30 pm, gear up for a brief transfer, followed by a scenic flight to San Cristobal Island. Board a semi-private aircraft, and if skies are clear, indulge in spectacular aerial views of the archipelago. Upon landing, your driver will greet and guide you to your hotel, where you can settle in comfortably.
For lunch (not included), opt for a local delicacy, and let your taste buds explore the island's flavors.
Your afternoon is at your disposal. Roam freely, soaking in the essence of San Cristobal. Recommended spots include:
  • Interpretation Center: A collaborative effort with the Spanish Government, this center unfolds the rich tapestry of Galápagos Islands' history, both natural and cultural. The adjacent Cerro las Tijeretas can be reached conveniently, offering an enriching visit of about 2 hours.
  • Loberia: Wander along mangrove-lined shores and observe vibrant wildlife such as the playful sea lions, sunbathing marine iguanas, and the iconic blue-footed boobies. The ascent to the overlooking cliff rewards with panoramic views of the endless azure.
  • Cerro de las Tijeretas: Journey back in time by visiting the hill where frigatebirds soar and the bay where Darwin once anchored during his Galápagos expedition aboard the renowned M/S Beagle.
End the day with a delectable dinner (not included) and prepare to embrace the nocturnal charms of your first night on San Cristobal Island.
Day 8: San Cristobal – The Dual Marvels of Kicker Rock & Lobos Island
Begin your day with a brisk 5-minute walk to the port, launching your voyage to two mesmerizing locations: Isla Lobos and Kicker Rock. Both destinations promise thrilling snorkeling escapades.
In about 40 minutes, Kicker Rock, an iconic volcanic structure soaring 148 meters above the Pacific, unfolds before your eyes. Millennia have carved a unique channel in this rock. Dive in, navigating between its twin peaks, and if the waters are in your favor, spot rays, whitetip sharks, and perhaps the elusive hammerhead shark.
After a refreshing boat ride back, the afternoon holds optional adventures for the curious:
  • Interpretation Center: With a nudge from the Spanish government, this center was birthed, offering visitors a deep dive into the intertwined tapestry of Galapagos' natural wonders and its human journey. If time permits, extend your visit to the Cerro de las Tijeretas.
  • Loberia: Navigate through mangrove-bordered beaches, becoming a silent observer to the island's lively inhabitants – sea lions, marine iguanas, and the iconic blue-footed boobies. An ascent offers breathtaking views from atop the cliff. (Note: A taxi ride is necessary to reach this haven).
  • Cerro de las Tijeretas: Delve into history by visiting this renowned hill, frigatebirds' domain, and Darwin Bay, where Darwin himself anchored during his legendary Galapagos voyage aboard the M/S Beagle.
Conclude your day with a meal of your choice (not included) and recharge for the next day during your restful night on San Cristobal Island.
Day 9: San Cristóbal Island – The Vibrant Española Island Exploration
Start your day early as you rendezvous with your group at the pier, gearing up for a speedboat ride to the illustrious Española Island.
Your first stop? Punta Suarez. Embark on an easy, scenic 2-hour walk, peppered with pauses for capturing the vivid scenes and soaking in enlightening commentary from your guide. This trail promises encounters with playful sea lions, sunbathing marine iguanas, and darting lizards. Yet, the highlights remain the vibrant displays of blue-footed boobies and Nazca boobies. If you're traveling between March and November, the sight of albatrosses gracing the landscape will be an added treat. The trail winds through contrasting vistas - rugged cliffs, fierce waves crashing on black rocks, pristine white sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters, all set against the backdrop of uniquely arid, brilliantly-hued vegetation.
After a midday meal aboard your boat, steer towards Gardner Bay. Dive into an invigorating snorkeling session, where nimble sea lions might surprise you with their underwater ballet, coming close as if inviting you to join their dance.
As the day winds down, sail back to San Cristobal Island. Wrap up with a dinner of your choice (not included) and drift into a peaceful sleep in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, ready for the next day's adventure.
Day 10: San Cristobal Island to Quito – Farewell to the Galápagos
Begin your day with a hearty breakfast, followed by leisurely moments for reflection, perhaps some last-minute photography, or a gentle stroll, absorbing the final memories of San Cristobal.
Soon, it will be time to embark on your journey back to Quito. A timely transfer ensures you reach the San Cristóbal airport with ease, boarding a roughly 2h50m flight to Quito Airport. Grab a meal (not included) while waiting for your onward journey.
Upon touchdown in Quito/Guayaquil, we’ll facilitate your transfer, ensuring you’re on schedule for your international flight, bidding farewell to this enchanting land.
Thank you for choosing us. Safe travels!

Tour Location

Embark on a transformative journey through the unparalleled beauty of the Galápagos Archipelago. From the captivating volcanic terrains and historic trails of Isabela to the vibrant marine life around San Cristóbal, this expedition promises immersive experiences, all starting from the charm of Quito. Dive, trek, and photograph through a realm where nature's wonders take center stage, ensuring memories that last a lifetime.

Quito, Ecuador

Positioned at 2,850 meters above sea level, Quito is the second-highest capital city in the world. Renowned for its historic center—a UNESCO World Heritage site—it showcases a fusion of colonial and indigenous cultures through its architecture and vibrant street life.

Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador

Located at the center of the Galápagos archipelago, Santa Cruz is an ecological gem. The Charles Darwin Research Station here has been pivotal in the conservation of the iconic Galápagos giant tortoises, helping bring them back from the brink of extinction.

Isabela Island, Ecuador

Shaped like a seahorse, Isabela is the youngest and most extensive island in the Galápagos. It encompasses more than half of the landmass of the entire archipelago. With five active volcanoes, it offers visitors a unique insight into the geological heart of our planet.

San Cristóbal Island, Ecuador

Named after St. Christopher, the patron saint of seafarers, San Cristóbal is the first island Charles Darwin visited in 1835. Today, the island serves as a historical and biological beacon, with sites like El Junco, a freshwater lagoon situated in a volcano crater.

Española Island, Ecuador

Dubbed the "oldest" island in the Galápagos, with an age of about 3.5 million years, Española's rocky cliffs are a spectacle for the dramatic "skydiving" courtship dances of waved albatrosses. It's also the sole breeding ground for these majestic birds