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Lima Tour Experience for Travelers

Is the capital Lima worth visiting ? What are the best things to do in Lima ? How about places to eat or have a drink ?

We have your back!

Here’s a quick insight on what to do in Lima.

Lima is known as a city where there isn’t much to see or do. This is true if you don’t try to see deeper than what is written in the tourism books or what usual travel agencies are selling. Lima is a city filled up with contrasts ( historical, poor, rich, artistic…). You have to visit it off the beaten path if you want to enjoy it.

We’ll start by making reference to a few usual “must see locations” : Historical Center, Main square, Catacombs, museums ( Gold museum, larco museum…) Barranco.

So this list matches what you had heard of, correct? What else can you see in Lima? What can you do off-the-beaten-path ?

The Central Market of Lima is a very traditional experience worth a visit! Chinatown is unique in it’s own arquitecture and vibe. The area of Chorillos ( Fisherman Harbour, Morro Solar ) is absolutely non touristic and gives you an insight on true daily life in Lima. There’s also a higher area in the district with a beautiful overview of Lima.

Callao Monumental is often forgotten, but it’s been developing and it’s a growing area with interesting activities.

Cemetery of Nueva Esperanza – One of the most impressive and unique cemeteries in the world, it hosts a yearly procession of tens of thousands of people to pay homage to their loved ones. A unique celebration where sadness blends into happy celebrations, with a lot of music and traditions.

Foodies, are you also expecting a few tips on one of the gastronomical capitals of the world ? Well here it goes ! The most famous places that are worth eating at in Lima are : La Central and Maido. These are once in a lifetime gourmet experiences that you must have if food is your priority! However they are quite expensive options.

Here are some secret food spots we’d like you to keep an eye on : La Isolina in Barranco ( Authentic peruvian cuisine ). Edo Sushi Bar or Osaka for Japan/Peruvian fusión experience. Madam Tusan for Chinese/peruvian fusión. Punto Azul,El Segundo Muelle and also El Muelle (in Barranco) for seafood and ceviches. Chinga tu taco for Mexican cuisine. La Lucha, Peruvian Sandwiches that are not expensive and are delicious. Papachos for Peruvian Burgers and top quality meat. Crem de la Crem for amazing icecreams.

Looking for a place for some drinks ? Cala is on the coastline and provides you with an amazing ocean view. Cerveceria del Valle is a great option for beer options! You’ll find the best cocktails in Ayahuasca or Dada in Barranco.

Wanting to push your night life until a bit later? try the Lima Bar in Larcomar or Barranco Bar for Salsa live music.