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Buenos Aires Tour Photo tango San Telmo DAY TOUR
$200 / per person

Discover the passion of Argentine tango through our 2-hour Buenos Aires Photo Tour. Capture professional dancers in evocative settings, with guidance and high-end equipment available to perfect every shot. Dive into the heart of Buenos Aires and the dance that defines it.

$0 / per person

Embark on a 14-Day Costa Rica Expedition to capture the country's essential wonders. From the vibrant streets of San José to the tranquil coasts of Uvita, this tour offers a complete photographic journey. Book now!

Old Havana Tour for Photographers DAY TOUR
$0 / per person

Embark on a thrilling Havana tour designed exclusively for photographers. Spend a day exploring the city's rich heritage and vibrant culture, from the historic streets of Old Havana to the artistic San Isidro neighborhood. Whether you're a professional or an amateur, this tour offers an opportunity to capture the captivating essence of Cuba through your…

Rio Helicopter Tour HELI TOUR
$750 / per person

Embark on a 45-minute journey that showcases the stunning beauty of Rio de Janeiro from the skies with our Rio Helicopter Tour. Your adventure starts with a convenient pick-up at your hotel, where we'll transport you to the helipad. Upon arrival, your private panoramic helicopter will be ready for takeoff. From the legendary Christ the…

Sao Paulo Tour Downtown 4 / 8 hours
$120 / per person

Uncover the beauty of São Paulo with our unique photo tour experiences. Explore downtown through our tailored 4-hour or 8-hour private tours, guided by expert local photographers.

Lima City Tour Peru Day Tour
$200 / per person

Explore Lima's vibrant history and culture with our Lima Street Photo Tour. From the grandeur of the Historical Center to the creativity of Barranco, our professional photographers will capture your unforgettable moments. Book your 3-4 hour adventure now and make memories that last a lifetime.

Cusco Photo Day Tour FULL DAY
$300 / per person

Explore the beauty of Peru with Andean Photo Expedition's unique Cusco region tour options. From enchanting cityscapes to iconic wonders like Machu Picchu, our professionally guided photo tours capture unforgettable memories. Book now to experience the adventure, culture, and artistic expression of Peru.

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Lima Historical Tour - Peru Legacy FULL DAY
$150 / per person

Embark on a journey through time with our Lima Historical Tour. Explore ancient ruins, colonial mansions, and world-class museums in Peru's capital city. Discover Lima's rich cultural heritage on this unforgettable full-day tour.

Lima Night Tour Photo Adventure NIGHT TOUR
$110 / per person

Join us on an unforgettable night photography adventure in Lima, where the city's iconic landmarks and enchanting beauty come alive under the stars. From the illuminated historical city center and the spectacular Fountain Circuit to the scenic Miraflores Malecon, this tour is sure to ignite your creativity and provide stunning photographic opportunities.

Quito Tour Full Day Photo Expedition FULL DAY
$220 / per person

Embark on a unique Quito tour that allows you to see the city through your camera lens. This full-day expedition begins with a stunning sunrise and takes you through the city's UNESCO World Heritage Sites, local markets, and cultural hotspots. Regardless of your photography experience, you'll have ample opportunities to capture...

Cartagena Photo Tours 3 TOURS OPTIONS
/ per person

Join Cartagena Photo Tours and immerse in Colombia's vibrant culture and history. From the historic Centro Histórico to the rhythmic Palenque, turn your trip into a photographic masterpiece with our expertly curated tours. Suitable for beginners to professionals.

Buenos Aires Photo Tours DAY TOUR
$170 / per person

Discover the vibrant essence of Argentina's capital with Buenos Aires Photo Tours. Dive deep into the heart of the city, capturing its soul through your lens. Join us and immortalize your journey in Buenos Aires.