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Lima, Southern Coast, Arequipa, Cusco Region

Lima, Southern Coast, Arequipa, Cusco Region

per person
  • Lima Photo Day Tour
  • Paracas
  • Huacachina ( EXTRA )
  • Nazca
  • Arequipa
  • Colca Canyon
  • Titicaca Lake ( EXTRA )
  • Cusco
  • Machu Picchu
  • Community Visit
  • Rainbow Mountain
  • All transport from Lima.
  • Private Guide
  • Professional photographer with you all the way.
  • Hotel rooms . Double occupancy rates. Ask for single room rates.
  • Certain meals
  • Private transport on tour days.
  • All entrance tickets to sites visited
  • International Flights
  • Personal insurance
  • Dinners and few lunches.
  • All your photography equipment,
  • Clothes for the cold of Cusco. Rain coat in case of bad luck. Long
  • and light clothes for the jungle treks.
  • Sunscreen. Repellent
  • Good comfortable shoes to walk.
  • Sharp eyes and your smile.
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  • Departure/Return Location
    Lima Airport
  • Departure Time
  • Return Time
  • What to wear
    Comfortable seasonal clothing & shoes
  • Included
    Entrance Fees
    Local Flights
    Photo Assistance
  • Not Included

Tour Plan

Pick up at Lima Airport. Rest at your hotel in Miraflores.
Lima Photo Day Tour
In the morning we will take a flight to Arequipe Arrive in Arequipa - Probably Peru's most beautiful city, the so called "Ciudad Blanca" or white city. In the afternoon we will make a city tour where you’ll see colonial buildings, the first jail in Arequipa, a monastery, Juanita mummy museum, love park and much more.
Pick up from your Hotel in Arequipa between 07:45 - 08:00. We begin our trip to the one of the deepest Canyons of the world, taking the highway from Yura, bordering the snow-covered volcano Chachani towards Cañahuas Pampas. We stop for coca tea at the Aguada Blanca National Park, the habitat of the beautiful South American camelid, the vicuñas, alpacas, and llamas. At Tocra lake we will be able to appreciate a variety of migratory birds, sometimes flamingos. We will pass the crater of an extinct volcano (Chucura) and then stop at the famous volcanos panoramic viewpoint, at a high 4.800 meters above sea leavel. From here we can view a great part of the western mountain range, where you can truly appreciate the Pre- Inca farming Terraces / platforms know as "andenerias". Approximately 13:30, Arrival to Chivay and stop for Lunch (not included). At 15:00 our private transport will transfer to us towards the colorful town "pueblito" of Coporaque, from where we will initiate an walk of approximately 2 hours, to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and nature of this side of the valley; as well as a pre-Inca cemetery located in the skirts of a mountain. You will notice that this region was intensively populated by andean communities. At 17:00 on return from the walk you have the opportunity to enjoy the thermal baths in the lime kiln whose thermo-medicinal waters are between 35o to 38o degrees Celsius in the swimming pools. (US$ 3 entry)
Early breakfast, we continue 06:30 in our private transport to the view- point called " Cruz del Cóndor " about 1.5 hour drive into this National Park where you have a very beautiful view of Colca Canyon. This is also the place where you will be able to observe several flying condors, sometimes passing very close to you (up to a few meters overhead). Just near this area your tour guide will show you the Pre-inca tombs hanging in the mountains. Plenty of time to spend in this natural region for pictures and gentle walking around the San Pedro cactus area. On the return we will stop in the towns of Pinchollo, Maca and Yanque, with their beautiful colonial churches, as well as in the viewpoints of Choquetico and Antahuilque, from where we will observe impressive andenería farming platforms of the valley, and tombs in pre-Incas scale models. Lunch at 13:00 then Return and Arrival to the City of Arequipa 17:00 to 18:00 Hrs.
Flight Arequipa-Cusco in the morning. After we finally reach Cusco in the morning we get settled in our hotel room then in the afternoon we will have a small walk in the streets of the old capital of the incan empire.
We begin the day in the town of Chinchero where we will get to meet some of the locals, learn about the dyeing and weaving of the textiles this region is so famous for, afterwards we will get the opportunity for portait sessions of the ladies here in their typical clothes of this town. Later on, we will enjoy the amazing reflections on one of the most stunning lakes of the sacred valley, Lake Huaypo. We will finish with the last sun rays over the salt mines of Maras. We end the day with taking the famous train in the beautiful city of Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes. This scenic journey is the best way to experience the Sacred Valley all the way to Machu Picchu.
We will spend the morning and mid afternoon in the lost city of the Incas - Machu Picchu. Enjoy 2 hours with a local guide who will explain everything about this archaeological location and then you will have plenty of free time for your photography. We will take the train back to Ollantaytambo and then a private transport to Calca where we will spend a relaxed night lost in the Sacred Valley.
We leave our hotel around 8am. Stop at the local market for a portrait session and to try some fresh peruvian specialities after breakfast. Here we can also buy some bread for the community we later visit. From here we drive 1 hour through scenic valleys to the community where we will meet with our hosts. Once we have arrived in our host house we will drink a welcome tea. From there one of the parents will lead us to the local school, we can gain an insight into the local life and education of children in the Andes, the kids will be on their break when we arrive so be prepared for lots of fun and portrait opportunities. From there we will head back for lunch time, delicious local food prepared for us by our hosts. After enjoying a portrait session, we will head a little higher up in the Valley. From there we will have an amazing view over lakes and mountains. Our models will be joining us, so get your camera ready. Around 5pm we will start the return to Cusco. Upon Arrival we have dinner and get some rest at the hotel.
DAY 10
Early in the morning we will go to the unknown side of the famous Rainbow Mountain. The normal tourist route brings about 1000 people per day to the most common tourist path of the famous mountain. However most people do not know that it is possible to visit the other side of this mountain range. That is exactly where we will take you, deep into the Andes. We will spend the night close to the mountain Ausangate in a Quechua community. Enjoying the hot springs is a must in this location and if the weather permits it, get ready for an Astro-Photography night workshop.
DAY 11
After enjoying a portrait session, we will head a little higher up in the Valley. From there we will have an amazing view over lakes and mountains. Our models will be joining us, so get your camera ready. Around 5pm we will start the return to Cusco. Upon Arrival we have dinner and get some rest at the hotel.
DAY 12
Flight back to Lima in the morning. From Lima, we will drive directly to Paracas. We will enjoy the sunset in the fabulous national Park.
DAY 13
Early morning it will be time to visit the Ballestas Islands. They are like a small sample of the famous Galapagos. Get on a comfy and private speed boat before anyone else and expect to see Penguins, sea lions and lots of different birds. From there we will get to Pisco Airport to catch your flight over the Nazca Lines. Night in Lima.

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  • Gary

    Amazing unforgettable 19 days!
    Sep 2022 • Couples
    Friends and I found Andean Photo Expeditions on Google and decided to take a chance by booking an 19 day personalized trip with them. This turned out to be this best decision we’ve made this year as the trip exceeded our wildest expectations.

    Unlike day tours, which Andean Photo Expeditions also offers, multi-day tours like ours provide more difficult and unpredictable logistical challenges for the operators, in this case Dan and Noe. I am happy to say that they have handled everything perfectly.

    Dan was meticulous in planning our expedition. We started our introduction to Peru in Arequipa region. We experienced the Salinas Salt Lagoon and saw condors, vicuñas, alpacas, flamingos etc. Then we moved on to the main course of the trip which was Cusco region. This included Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain, Pallay Puncho, Humantay Lake, Ausangate etc. Finally for dessert, we went to the desert and rode the sand buggy in Huacachina.

    The trip was cleverly structured in such a way that there was a gradual build up in altitude, physical intensity and grandeur of the views. Among the otherworldly landscapes and magnificent animals, there were also moments of real human connections. We met many local families who are friends with the guides and learned about their ways of life.

    The best friends that we made along the way though are no other than our brilliant guides Dan and Noe. As well as being consummate professionals, they are down to earth and great to share a drink with. We learned so much about many facets of the Peruvian life from them and in turn shared stories from our own culture.

    All in all, if you are going to Peru and are looking for a flexible private tour experience, I would strongly recommend Andean Photo Expeditions. This was truly a trip of a lifetime. Thank you Dan and thank you Noe!

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Vivian

    Dream trip to Peru
    Sep 2022
    Only the highest praise and gratitude for Andean Photo Expeditions for planning and executing a dream 19-day Peru trip. Everything was perfectly tailored to our group’s interests and went off without a hitch, thanks to the team’s professionalism, attention to detail, and true love and respect for the land, people and culture they were showing us.

    Dan and Noe took care of everything we had and hadn’t thought of, without being overbearing and still giving us flexibility to shape our own adventure. Right from the start of planning months before the trip, Dan was patient and receptive to our ideas and expectations, tweaking our itinerary several times per our request. As we progressed through the schedule, our guides worked with us when we wanted to make further adjustments in the middle of the tour and took the reins on the logistical challenges of such.

    Our trip spanned touristic hotspots, vibrant local communities, bustling cities, vast natural reserves and remote mountains. The team treated us to a sweeping cross-section of the country and its people, opening our eyes and hearts to parts of Peru that I believe some tour groups would not have done. Remarkably, Dan and Noe also leave us much desire of the country, ensuring that we will return again in the future.

    It was a real treat to have had such mindful, knowledgable and trustworthy guides take us on our first trip in Peru. The team’s attitude and service are of the highest calibre, after what must have been a painful lull in clients from the Covid pandemic. Andean Photo Expeditions is truly a gem and I cannot recommend them highly enough for your next holiday.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Jin-Lee

    Fantastic trip!
    Sep 2022 • Friends
    Before this trip, I had limited experience holding a camera and did not know what to expect from traveling in Peru.

    Dan and Noe went above and beyond for their private tour. They created an extensive itinerary with attention to detail, adding in rest as needed. I was able to discover delicious Peruvian food, the vibrant micro cultures within Peru, and the diverse landscapes of Peru (rainforest, desert, ocean, mountains, alpine lakes). I had opportunities to practice newfound photographic skills. And I shared laughter and food with Dan and Noe as well as a team of other amazing locals along the way.

    Throughout the trip, Dan and Noe were flexible with the structured itinerary, and executed on feedback thoroughly. We could bring up suggestions or ideas and they would tap into their knowledge of photography and Peru to come up with sound plans on the spot. Overall, the trip truly felt like teamwork that catered to our individual needs, and resulted in an overall experience that is best described as bespoke.

    I not only learned about “the Peru of today” (Dan’s words), but gained photography skills, and new friends in Dan and Noe. Their passion for Peruvian culture and their love for photography are contagious and I could not be happier with the experience.

    Highly recommend the private tour with Dan and Noe.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Sarah Lin

    Amazing Trip!
    Sep 2022
    It is difficult expressing just how perfect our 19-day Peru trip with Andean Photo Expeditions was; mere words feel completely insufficient.

    Peru and its landscapes, flora, fauna, and culture independently are without a doubt already incredible, but both Dan and Noe infinitely elevated our experiences of Peru. They were so mindful, so meticulous, and so knowledgeable in their service, and their love for the country, its people, and history rolled off of them in waves as they revealed to us pockets of Peruvian culture and hidden photographic gems I fully believe most visitors will never get to experience.

    The only problem Dan and Noe have left me with is the dread that no trip I take in the future will ever be able to top this unforgettable, rich, and beautiful adventure they took us on. For that, I am eternally grateful.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money

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