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Cusco Photo Day Tour

Cusco Photo Day Tour

$90 per person

Award-winning tour of the photo highlights in the City of the Incas.

Capture amazing photos of the city with one of the best Cusco Day Tour operators. Professional, multilingual guide to help you discover non-touristic Cusco locations in a unique and fun way.

Tour Prices (all ages)

Private Tour for 1 person: 190 USD

Private Tour for 2 people: 110 USD per person

Private Tour from 3 people to more: 90 USD per person

Focused on Photography.

The Cusco photo day tour is the only one that will take you to the touristic and the non touristic places of the Incan Capital. Visit unknown Incan streets, traditional markets, and typical local places unexplored by the tourist masses. Get some photography tips from your guide, no matter if you use a phone or camera and enjoy the real Cusco from a different perspective, through the eyes of a local photographer.

Sharpen your eye for the mundane situations of daily life in Cusco. Get the best tips from your guide on different techniques like: hunting, pursuing, approaching people in the street, finding best exposure triangle settings for street and more.

Recommended Gear

Mid-range zoom as a good all rounder lens.

Telephoto for easier, more intimate candid portraits especially around the market.

Important ! 

Cusco’s dynamic changes daily! So some locations in it’s streets are not open every day! We leave this as a surprise as it is not guaranteed. But we always pass by the places and if open we go inside to show you some hidden gems of Cusco! Fingers Crossed!

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  • Departure/Return Location
    Hotel Pick-up in San Blas or near the Plaza de Armas
  • Departure Time
    9:30 AM
  • Return Time
    Approximately 15:30 PM
  • What to wear
    Comfortable walking shoes and seasonal clothing
  • Included
    Entrance Fees
    Photo Assistance
  • Not Included
    Local Flights

Tour Plan

9h30 - Meeting
We will pick you up at your hotel at 9.30 am.
10h00 Santa Ana Arch
We move up to Santa Ana. We will walk up the street for a magnificent unique perspective from the Arch of Santa Ana. This ancient arch has a vantage point to photograph the city and barely anyone knows you can actually go to the top!
10h30 - Central Market
We move down into San Pedro market around 10h30. Also known as the Central Market (Mercado Central), the San Pedro Market is one of the most traditional and classic places to photograph in Cusco. Built by the famous Gustave Eiffel in 1925, this location concentrates the local Quechua residents and is usually busier and more attractive in the morning. Entering this market is a different experience. You’ll find everything from fresh fruit and veggies, natural medicines, people having a meal next to cow heads for sale, lots of crafts and an entire world of Quechua influences and amazing colors.
12h00 - Plaza San Francisco
We move to Plaza San Francisco and visit San Francisco de Assis Church, convent, and catacombs. The San Francisco Church is one of the oldest and most forgotten wonders of the city. We will visit this convent/church and explore its history and architecture. We will explore the underground catacombs, the church, choir area with amazing carved cedar chairs and one of the highlights - the Bell Tower, where you can enjoy an impressive view of the city. We will also visit the outdoor patio, designed with superb detail in the Spanish colonial style.
13h00 - Plaza de Armas
At 1 pm there is a mandatory stop in the main square (Plaza de Armas). There’s no escaping the main plaza. It concentrates so much history about the Incan empire! Explore this area with a more photographic approach but get also to learn a little bit about the history of Cusco. From there you will decide with your guide which would be a great lunch option for you.
14h00 - San Blas Neighborhood
We move out of the market and explore the San Blas Neighborhood. The oldest and most beautiful neighborhood in Cusco. Known as the location where all artists live in the city. This area has some hidden gem locations that make for amazing street photography and not a lot of people know about them. There you will visit the most beautiful streets and points of view of the neighborhood.
Qenqo's eucalyptus forest
Enjoy a unique point of view of Cusco from this beautiful eucalyptus forest.  
15h30 - End of the tour at your hotel
At around 15:30 your guide will take you back to your hotel. Please keep in mind that the itinerary is a suggestion. Our guide will feel free to rearrange the itinerary depending on your points of interest.

Tour Location

Welcome to the navel of the world

The undisputed archaeological capital of the Americas, Cuzco is the continent’s oldest continuously inhabited city and the gateway to Machu Picchu.
Cosmopolitan Cuzco (also Cusco, or Qosq’o in Quechua) thrives with a measure of contradiction. Ornate cathedrals squat over Inca temples, massage hawkers ply the narrow cobblestone passages, a rural Andean woman feeds bottled water to her pet llama while the finest boutiques sell pricey alpaca knits.
Stately and historic, with stone streets and building foundations laid by the Incas more than 5 centuries ago, the town is much more than a mere history lesson; it is also surprisingly dynamic, enlivened by throngs of travelers who have transformed the historic center around the Plaza de Armas into a mecca of sorts for South American adventurers. Yet for all its popularity, Cusco is one of those rare places that seems able to preserve its unique character and enduring appeal despite its growing prominence on the international tourism radar. Cusco looks and feels like the very definition of an Andean capital. It’s a fascinating blend of pre-Columbian and colonial history and contemporary mestizo culture.
The Incas made Q’osqo (meaning “navel of the world” in Quechua) the political, military, and cultural center of their empire, which stretched up and down the Andes, from Ecuador through Bolivia and all the way to Chile. Cusco was the empire’s holy city, and it was also the epicenter of the legendary Inca network of roads connecting all points in the empire. Cusco looks and feels like the very definition of an Andean capital. It’s a fascinating blend of pre-Columbian and colonial history and contemporary mestizo culture.
The Spanish conquistadors understood that it was essential to topple the capital city to take control of the region, a feat they ultimately accomplished after an epic battle at Sacsayhuamán. The Spaniards razed most Inca buildings and monuments, but, in many cases, they found the structures so well engineered that they built upon the very foundations of Inca Cusco. Many perfectly constructed Inca stone walls, examples of unrivaled stonemasonry, still stand. After a devastating earthquake in 1650, Cusco became a largely baroque city.
The result is a city that showcases plainly evident layers of history. Cusco’s highlights include both Inca ruins, such as Sacsayhuamán, a seemingly impregnable fortress on a hill overlooking the city, and Qoricancha, the Temple of the Sun, and colonial-era baroque and Renaissance churches and mansions. The heart of the historic center has suffered relatively few modern intrusions, and despite the staggering number of souvenir shops, travel agencies, hotels, and restaurants overflowing with visitors, it doesn’t take an impossibly fertile imagination to conjure the magnificent capital of the 16th century.
Today Cusco thrives as one of the most vibrant expressions of Amerindian and mestizo culture anywhere in the Americas. Every June, the city is packed during Inti Raymi, the celebration of the winter solstice and the sun god, a deeply religious festival that is also a magical display of pre-Columbian music and dance. Thousands trek out to Paucartambo for the riveting Virgen del Carmen festival in mid-July. Other traditional arts also flourish. Cusco is the handicraft center of Peru, and its streets and markets teem with merchants and their extraordinary textiles, many hand-woven using the exact techniques of their ancestors–Sacred Valley and Cusco Travel.

Tour Reviews

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  • travelfan3385

    My husband and I are taking a 6 months road trip from Boston to Argentina, and I have been trying to take photo tours in all kinds of different places on the road to improve my photography skills. I found Andean Expeditions when we entered Peru and ended up signing up for both Lima Day Tours with Dan and Portrait and Landscape Expedition in Cusco with Pedro. I have to say both tours really exceeded my expectation, and Dan and Pedro are great photographers and both fo them are really passionate about photography.

    The Lima Day Tour we went to the old town, local market, Miraflores, and cool Barranco district. We were not only sightseeing, but I also learned many tips for photography from Dan. Thanks!

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • andromeda307 (Chicago)

    Beautiful shots, unique experience, and good company
    I signed up for a private Cusco Photography Tour after having done the Lima tour with Dan. And many thanks to Alex for making it another amazing day in Peru!

    This tour is well thought out, with an excellent coverage of the historic must-sees, magnificent city views from different angles, colorful and vibrant local markets, and those beautiful pebble-stoned Incan streets. With Alex’s intimate knowledge of the city and assimilation into the local community, we visited and photographed at many hidden spots that were full of surprises! The highlight of the tour, for me, was watching the locals hanging out at the chicheria and waiting for the clouds to clear up for a highly anticipated sunset, while picking our favorite photos of the day over a huge glass of chica. After a day of walking and shooting, that sense of gratification and feeling of relaxation were beyond expression!

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Elliot M.

    Easily one of the top highlights of our stay in Cusco. Good for photographers of all skill levels, or simply iphone enthusiasts. Alex (a British ex-pat living in Cusco) showed us views and scenes that we never would’ve found – or knew existed – otherwise (we stood on the roof of a cathedral!). He offered great tips on shooting, was sensitive to our pace, was knowledgable about local traditions, customs, and history, and gave us some great photos of ourselves. Be ready to cover some ground (hills, cobblestones) – best to do this tour a few days after arriving in Cusco to give yourself a chance to acclimatize. Additionally, the customer service from Andean Photo Expeditions was excellent. Absolutely recommended.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Ucfchuck (Ohio)

    Alex was our guide, and he did a great job. He gave us a lot of insight that one might not get on other tours of Cusco. Information on how to take better photos in street and landscape format, and places that lend themselves to photography. It was an enjoyable day that really helped us to have an insider’s perspective on the city and all it has to offer.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Esther A. (Australia)

    As it turned out we were the only ones on the tour. Alex was engaging and had many helpful tips. We had a relaxed walk around the city and to a few special photo points. It was a thoroughly enjoyable introduction to Cusco and we came away with photos we would never have got otherwise.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Kurt L. (Michigan)

    The tour was great. Alex our guide knew the area well enough to get us into areas not open to other tourists (a locked tower and walkway over one of the streets and the bell tower and roof of San Franciscan cathedral). In addition to the large and colorful San Padro market we also got to go to the smaller, almost hidden San Blas market that was not as colorful, but way safer to eat at.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Jim (Australia)

    Something Different in Cusco. I spent an enjoyable day with Alex having a look at Cusco from a photographer’s perspective. I picked up some good photo tips during the day. We visited places which were not on the usual tourist route, and which provided excellent vantage points and photo opportunities. Alex provided background and some history at the different areas of central Cusco we visited. The Iglesia San Fransisco was one of the highlights for me, along with the San Pedro market. I can recommend this tour to anyone with an interest in photography.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Fabiënne W (Netherlands)

    We had an amazing day with Alex. He gave us a lot of valuable information about photography that suited our needs, skills and equipment. He showed us a lot of special non touristic places in Cusco with good photograpgy oppurtunities.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Rosie (USA, Utah)

    Great introduction to Cusco with nice local touches. I did this tour with Pedro on my first full-day in Cusco. It helped me understand the city layout, culture and history of the place. Pedro was very knowledgable and fielded all my questions about Cusco, whether photo-related or not. I came away with some great photographs and really enjoyed the itinerary Andean Photo Expeditions put together!

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Zuny5 (Italy)

    Super visit. Very interesting city visit of Cuzco. Pedro is very knowledgeable and brought me to very nice places around the city for great pictures and tailored the visit according to my interests. He also gave me many great suggestions about restaurants, tour and shopping in Cuzco. I highly recommend the tour.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Jose

    This Cusco Photo Tour is amazing. Early in the morning you will have a complete view of the city from a special very high point. You have great opportunities to do street photography, mainly in the market. Alex is a great person and he gives orientation about best angles and ways to take a photo. I strongly recommend for everybody who likes photography. That is an amazing tour.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Stacy S (Wisconsin)

    Off the beaten path. I enjoyed the photo tour with Pedro. We saw the major attractions and we had access to a couple of special vantage points to take in city view. We visited a couple of local markets and had lunch at one. This is a great tour to get introduced to Cusco.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • R.S.T.W. (Maine)

    Coming from a sea level town, the altitude of Cusco was tough to get acclimated to. Alex was the tour guide and he set a good pace throughout the day. I would 10 out of 10 recommend this day tour for anyone who likes to get past the main tourist streets. The places are well traverse but this tour gives a slightly different perspective. Lots of fun for those interested in street, portrait, and micro shots. I tend to lean towards landscapes, but with Alex’s support I was galvanized to take some portrait shots that I am very happy with.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Dorota (Canada)

    As we all expect, Cusco is an amazing, wonderful place to visit. Thanks to Alex, our Guide, those expectations were even exceeded, and the day of Photography Tour, became our favorite one in over 2 weeks of exploring Peru. Alex took us to spots were tourists don’t go and we were able to see true, local atmosphere and “flavors” of the city. He was very helpful in giving me advice on taking photos, various angles, how and where position the camera, etc.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Kurt

    Alex was also able to help suggest photo shots and angles that may not have been obvious. The only negative was the tour stated there would be a Pisco sour provided at the end and we ended up paying for our. Still it was well worth the time and money

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Dorota

    We had a great time, learned a lot about the culture and history, and were lucky to meet people, native Cusconians (not sure if that’s a proper word 🙂 ), and would recommend Cusco Photo Day Tour and Alex to everyone. Thank you Alex !

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • RSTW

    Alex made the day fun and easy. He is passionate and skilled at photography and has made the effort to learn and connect with the people and region’s culture. I found Andean Photography Expedition day tour in Cusco to be educational in understanding more of my camera’s functions, as well as gaining insights into the lives of the local people. Lots of walking up and down the streets of Cusco, but don’t let that deter you from a truly fantastic way to start any journey through Peru.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Andromeda

    Taking into consideration the high altitude and the hilly streets of Cusco, the tour is well-paced with timely stops for coffee, lunch, and drinks. Do prepare for occasional precipitation – Cusco is full of surprises, so is its weather.

    I think I may be one of Alex’s first customers, but he is no novice in photography, the outdoors, or touring in Peru! He’s delightful, patient, and full of spirit. He shared many photography tips with me throughout the day, his knowledge of stones (while waiting for a quick hail storm to pass), and his passion for the wild. To top everything off, I received his awesome shots the second day!

    If you have a full day in Cusco, book the tour! It will make your day and memories.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Travelfun

    The Cusco tour Pedro took us to a very traditional local market which I absolutely love, then we went to a lake and ended at a very beautiful salt mine. And it’s very cool that Pedro and I are actually using the same camera system (Fuji XT) and it’s very nice of him to share his lens with me so that I can try different lens and filters.

    I had great two days with both Dan and Pedro and definitely hope I will have the chance to go to their longer expeditions in the future. I absolutely recommend anyone who is passionate about photography and would like to learn the beautiful culture of Peru to sign up for Dan and Pedro’s expeditions!

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Marc C

    A different view of Peru
    Even if I live in Cusco for 3 years new, discovering it with new and profesional eyes was an amazing experience.
    It’s always good to have a guide to show you places you wouldn’t maybe notice without the help of someone who really loves the nature, the culture and landscapes and teach you “how” to open your eyes.
    It’s so easy to be close to a great spot and miss it. Worse, you could see the same things thousands of tourists already saw, whose images are easily available on Google!
    That’s why discovering the andes with profesional eyes is so important.
    Pedro is a real alternative to the usual tours where you only will see what you already can see on the Web 😉
    Highly recommended!

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money
  • Jurgen

    Cusco Morning Photo Tour
    Jun 2022
    I did a Morning Photo Shooting Tour with Noe Turpo Cruz in Cusco which I can thoroughly recommend. We started our tour around Plaza de Armas taking some photos of the Cathedral and Iglesia La Compania from a position allowing reflections of the churches in a fountain. We then continued and shot some photos with star effects into the sun under the arcades of the Plaza. At the upper part of San Blas we photographed the famous Gate as well as the street and buildings winding down to the town centre. Attending the Procession of Locals during the Meeting of the Mary Statue of Santa Ana with the One from Poroy was my personal highlight being the only Western Tourist there while Inti Raymi was going on. This opportunity allowed a non touristic photography of locals and scenes of the procession. Towards the end of our session we walked down to Mercado San Pedro taking pictures of several shopkeepers. Without Noe it would simply have been impossible to visit as many locations as we did within a relatively short time frame and getting access to people who were willing to be photographed. Noe not only gave me a lot of tips for composition but also encouraged me to shoot in full manual mode in the future making better use of the function buttons of my camera. A short photo critique and some advice on Lightroom post processing functionalities, I had not been aware of, completed our seession. Noe is a very creative, talented and experienced photographer so that I enjoyed our common tour a lot. He is empathic and an excellent mentor on what to improve in ones photography. It was a real pleasure being with him on the Cusco Morning Photo Shooting Tour and I can strongly recommend to engage him for photography in Cusco.

    Overall Tour organization Destination Value for Money

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