Bolivia Alitplano Tour

Bolivia Altiplano tour: 9-Day Exploration of Volcanoes, Salt Flats, Red Lakes

Bolivia Altiplano tour: 9-Day Exploration of Volcanoes, Salt Flats, Red Lakes

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Join us for a 9-day exploration of Bolivia’s high plateaus with the Bolivia Altiplano Tour. This tour lets you delve into Bolivia’s rich landscapes, heritage, nature, and culinary delights. We’ve crafted every detail for an unforgettable adventure, and we’ve wrapped it all in top-notch safety and environmental consciousness.


Domestic Flights & Transfers

Start your journey with included roundtrip flights from La Paz to Uyuni. Convenient airport transfers in Uyuni will guide you seamlessly to your destination. Your transportation is meticulously arranged, ensuring comfort and efficiency.

Expert Bi-Lingual Guide

Explore with an experienced bilingual guide who boasts over 35 years of tourism expertise. The guide’s vast knowledge will deepen your connection to local history, folklore, and traditions.

Accommodations & Meals

Relax in comfortable hotels and hostels with shared double occupancy rooms. You’ll enjoy daily meals marked ‘B, L, D’, making your stay worry-free. From breakfast at the hotel to local delicacies for dinner, your culinary journey will be delightful.

Visit National Parks & Protected Areas

Discover breathtaking parks and protected spaces in Bolivia. We’ll take care of all entry fees and permits. Immerse yourself in the beauty of untouched nature and learn about the local ecology and wildlife.

Unlimited Bottled Water & Snacks

Stay refreshed with unlimited bottled water and snacks throughout the entire trip. Never worry about thirst or hunger as we keep you fueled for exploration.

Important Notes

Single Room Supplement

If you need a single room, a $1,340 fee applies. Please inform us ahead of time to make the necessary arrangements.


The tour excludes international flights to Bolivia, visa fees, and personal expenses like liquor and laundry, along with health-related costs.

Additional Features

Medical Support

Should an emergency arise, we’ll evacuate you to a nearby hospital for immediate care.

Exclusive Experience

This Bolivia Altiplano tour offers a chance to dive into Bolivia’s culture through visits to national parks, islands, museums, and local cuisine sampling.

Environmentally Conscious

We emphasize responsible tourism by including entry fees to protected areas, thus safeguarding Bolivia’s natural beauty.

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  • What to wear
    Wear layered clothing with moisture-wicking base layers, insulating mid-layers, and waterproof outer layers, along with sturdy hiking footwear.
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    Entrance Fees
    Local Flights
    Photo Assistance
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Tour Plan

Day 1 / Saturday: Uyuni Adventure - From Salt Flats to Caves
Journey from La Paz to Uyuni: Your adventure begins with a flight from La Paz to Uyuni. Upon your arrival, we'll greet you at the Uyuni airport. Our 4x4 vehicles will be ready to accommodate you and your luggage.
Discovering Salar de Uyuni: A swift drive northwards brings us to Colchani, the gateway to the renowned Salar de Uyuni. This vast salt flat, situated at an elevation of 12,000 ft/3660 m, mirrors the height of downtown La Paz. As we delve deeper, we'll first stop to witness the extraction of salt bricks from this vast white expanse. Next, we'll marvel at a natural spring where water surfaces amidst the salt. Along the journey, we'll explore a few scattered islands and navigate with Thunupa Volcano in sight. Amidst this pristine white landscape, we'll pause to enjoy a picnic lunch.
Unveiling the Mysteries of Chiquini Caves: Leaving the salt flat through Tahua, we'll venture towards the rugged terrains leading to the Chiquini caves. En route, we'll traverse scenic canyons and encounter quaint, isolated villages.
Evening Serenity: As the day approaches its end, we'll head to our salt-built accommodation in Tahua, nestled under the shadows of Thunupa volcano. Before nightfall, we'll set out again to embrace the breathtaking sunset over the salt flats. Once back, you'll have an opportunity to freshen up before a sumptuous dinner.
Stay: Tayka de Sal (4*) Meals: Lunch, Dinner.
Day 2 / Sunday: From Volcanic Flanks to Breathtaking Vistas - Thunupa's Secrets
Ascend Mt. Thunupa: Post-breakfast, we set out towards Mt. Thunupa. This towering extinct volcano, rising to 17,460’/5,321 m, serves as a prominent landmark, guiding travelers with its unmistakable silhouette. A short drive up its sides brings us to a secluded cave.
Mysteries of the Past: A brief 10-minute walk reveals an untouched part of history; mummies from the pre-Inca era. While here, you'll learn about the geological history of the volcano, from its active days during the Pleistocene, its glaciated past roughly 15,000 years ago, to its significance amid the Lake Minchin and Lake Tauca. The unparalleled views from this altitude offer a perspective where the boundaries of the vast Salar de Uyuni blend into infinity.
Trekking for Treasures: Descending from the cave, our journey takes a turn, circumnavigating Thunupa to a trail leading further up. Though this path is more rugged, the destination promises raw, unspoiled beauty. Surrounded by a palette of steep colorful rocks, we hike, occasionally challenging our pace on steeper terrains, to reach an awe-inspiring viewpoint atop the volcano. Remember, it's about the journey as much as the destination; take it step by step.
Culinary Delights & Sunsets: After immersing ourselves in the breathtaking beauty, we head back to our vehicles where a sumptuous lunch awaits. With sunset on the horizon, we return to the hotel, selecting another prime spot to watch the day end in a burst of colors, followed by a well-deserved dinner.
Stay: Tayka de Sal (4*) Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Day 3 / Monday: Salt Flat Odyssey: From Islands to Towns
Incahuasi Island Exploration: Beginning with a hearty breakfast, our day takes us back into the heart of the salt flats. Our first destination is the enchanting Incahuasi Island. Here, you'll have the opportunity to ascend to its peak, absorbing panoramic views before indulging in a delicious lunch.
Journey through Cactus Havens: Our trail then heads west to Isla Pescado, a more expansive landform compared to Incahuasi. As we island-hop in this expansive white desert, the diversity is captivating – from fascinating salt crystals formations to unique cacti and diverse flora. The salt flat reveals its secrets one island at a time.
Return to Civilization: With sunset approaching, we steer east, aiming for Colchani – the southeastern gateway out of this mesmerizing salt desert. A short 30-minute journey brings us to the bustling town of Uyuni. Here, we'll settle into our accommodations, giving you time to rejuvenate before dinner.
Stay: Jardines de Uyuni (4*) Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Day 4 / Tuesday: From Uyuni to High-Altitude Wonders
Off to the Wild Southwest: Starting with an early breakfast, our journey takes us southwest into the enigmatic Sud Lipez region. As we venture forward, modern roads give way to rustic dirt paths, and as we push on, even those transform into rugged trails. A pitstop in San Cristobal is essential – it's our last chance to refuel in this isolated expanse!
The Lava's Legacy: En route, we're graced by an ethereal city of stone, an expansive lava outflow sculpted into bizarre yet captivating formations. The journey southwards unveils the mesmerizing lagoon route, a sequence of high-altitude water bodies that form a boundary between Chile and Bolivia. This untouched paradise houses vibrant pink flamingos, majestic eagles, and graceful wild vicuñas.
Discovering Siloli's Charm: Winding through remote Altiplano canyons, we transition into the Siloli desert. Here, the Sud Lipez region truly unravels its magnificence. It's a spellbinding desert with hues of pastels, framed by towering 18,000 ft volcanoes. Our day culminates at a hotel with a front-row seat to this natural masterpiece, where we'll relax and recount the day's adventures.
Stay: Tayka del Desierto (4*) Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Day 5 / Wednesday: Nature’s Symphony: From Lagoons to Hot Springs
Sunrise at Laguna Colorada: We set off at the crack of dawn, ensuring we’re at Laguna Colorada just as the first rays illuminate the waters and the resident flamingos rouse from their slumber.
Scaling the Heights: From there, we ascend to the pinnacle of our journey, reaching the loftiest pass at 4,816 m/15,800 ft. Alongside, we'll experience the surreal drama of the Sol de Mañana crater, a land where bubbling mud pots and hissing fumaroles dance amidst plumes of volcanic gases meeting the crisp Andean atmosphere.
Hot Springs & Deserts: Our descent ushers us to the Salar de Chalviri and the rejuvenating Polques hot springs, the ideal spot for a reviving early lunch. Post-lunch, our trail takes us through the whimsical landscapes of the Desierto de Dali, ultimately arriving at Laguna Verde, which rests under the shadow of Mt. Llicancabur. This strato-volcano, forming a boundary between Bolivia and Chile, majestically rises to 5,916 m/19,410 ft.
Journey to Villa Mar: Our route back retraces our steps to Polques Hot Springs, then meanders over a petite mountain range, leading us to the tranquil village of Villa Mar. As the day winds down, we'll settle in, sharing stories of the day over a delightful dinner.
Stay: Hotel Mallku Cueva (4*) Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Day 6 / Thursday: Hidden Wonders: From Lava Flows to Sunsets
Morning Marvels: With the dawn's early light following breakfast, our journey takes a northern turn, leading us to a concealed lagoon. The Sud Lipez region unveils its splendor – from molten lava trails to puna marshes, from rocky gorges to sandy expanses – offering a visual treat at every twist and turn.
Picnic Amidst Nature: In an intimate nook of this vast terrain, we'll lay out a picnic, letting you savor your meal amidst nature's grandeur. The neighboring canyons and plains paint a picture-perfect backdrop, shifting colors and contours with every passing moment.
Quetena Chico and Beyond: Charting a course south and then eastward to Quetena Chico, our expedition is marked by several river crossings. As day gives way to evening, we find ourselves in an idyllic spot where the vast plains and volcanic peaks come alive in the golden hues of the setting sun.
A Humble Abode: Our remoteness means luxury stays are hard to come by. But, staying true to the essence of our journey, we've selected the best the region offers – a quaint hostel. Basic yet comforting, this establishment provides just what we need. Upon settling in, a warm dinner at the hostel awaits.
Stay: Hostal Lamphaya (2*) Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Day 7 / Friday: Highland Spectacles: From Volcanic Heights to Historic Ruins
Adventures South of Quetena Chico: With a day chock-full of wonders awaiting, we'll set out early, venturing into the captivating canyons south of Quetena Chico. A challenging drive across rugged landscapes brings us to the base of Volcan Uturuncu, an imposing double-summit volcano that scales up to 6,000 meters and boasts one of the globe's loftiest roads!
Uturuncu Ascent: As the terrain unfurls its magnificence, we engage our vehicles in 4x4 mode, embarking on a steady ascent up the Uturuncu volcano. This bumpy, narrow path rewards with panoramic vistas – a kaleidoscope of colors, majestic mountain peaks, and deep-set valleys. The thinning air adds a touch of thrill to the climb. We'll take a breather at a strategic point, offering options to either ascend further or begin our descent.
Historical San Antonio de Lipez: Our journey eastward is punctuated by serene mountain passes and lagoons graced by flocks of pink flamingos. As we drive, remnants of history emerge in the form of San Antonio de Lipez. Once a bustling Spanish-era mining hub, it now stands as a testament to the passage of time with its magnificent churches, stone edifices, and age-old mining vestiges.
Arrival in San Pablo de Lipez: Navigating across expansive punas and meandering rivers, we make our way to San Pablo de Lipez just as the day's final golden light bathes the nearby peaks. After a rejuvenating shower, we gather for a meal, reminiscing the day's wonders.
Stay: Hostal Sumaj Jall’Pa (2*) Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Day 8 / Saturday: Spectacles of Sud Lipez: Palaces and Enchanted Cities
A Scenic Start: Post-breakfast, our journey unfolds southwards through valleys and over ridges, cutting across the formidable Sud Lipez mountains. This route opens up to reveal an otherworldly landscape where the Andes bare their bones: multi-colored strata of dirt, sand, and stones—history laid bare under the Andean sky. This surreal terrain is known as Palacio Quemado, or as we like to call it, The Castles in the Sky!
Exploring Palacio Quemado: After spending time hiking and marveling at these giant natural castles, our expedition turns northward again. We'll tread along the undulating Altiplano, eventually finding a dry riverbed leading us to a secret, magical location.
Ciudad Encantada Unveiled: In this concealed spot, witness the Ciudad Encantada (The Enchanted City), where ancient domes of dirt and mud have whimsically eroded into intricate shapes. It’s a landscape so fantastical, it’s akin to melted chocolate domes crafted with the utmost precision by a master pastry chef. Following a few enchanted hours here, we will indulge in lunch and then set our sights north to Uyuni.
Finale at Colchani: Bypassing Uyuni, our final destination for the day is Colchani, home to the luxurious Hotel Palacio de Sal. This place isn’t just a stop; it’s an experience. Whether you wish to unwind with a sauna session, pamper yourself with a massage, take a refreshing dip in the pool, or simply savor a cocktail at the restaurant, the choice is yours. The day concludes with a delightful dinner, preparing you for a night of well-deserved rest.
Stay: Hotel Palacio de Sal (5*) Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Day 9 / Sunday: Farewell to Uyuni
Departure from Colchani: Post-breakfast, our journey nears its end. We'll promptly shuttle you to the nearby airport, a brief 20-minute ride, ensuring ample time for your check-in procedures.
Flight Home: Your homeward flight will typically make a brief stop in Cochabamba, subsequently connecting to either La Paz or Santa Cruz. As you ascend and Uyuni recedes from view, carry with you the myriad memories and experiences of this unparalleled adventure.
Stay: None Meals: Breakfast

Tour Location

Explore the majestic high plateaus of Bolivia with our Altiplano Tour. From the urban pulse of La Paz to the ethereal Salar de Uyuni, from the historical richness of Potosí to the spiritual serenity of Lake Titicaca, this journey embraces Bolivia's diverse landscapes and cultural treasures. Each location unveils a unique facet of Bolivia's rich heritage, promising an adventure of a lifetime.

Salar de Uyuni: Located in southwest Bolivia, this is the world's largest salt flat. It's a vast expanse of bright white salt, rock formations, and cacti-studded islands. The terrain offers an almost surrealistic landscape, especially after rains when it transforms into a giant mirror. Unique accommodations, like hotels made entirely of salt, amplify the experience.
Volcan Uturuncu: This towering 6,000-meter double summit volcano lies in the southern part of Bolivia. Visitors can journey up rugged paths, leading to panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. The volcano’s altitude and dominating presence make it a significant highlight on the Andean plateau.
Laguna Colorada: Situated within this national reserve, Laguna Colorada is a shallow salt lake. Its reddish-brown waters, due to algae and sediments, contrast beautifully with its white islands of borax. This lagoon is especially famous for its vibrant pink flamingos that grace its waters.
Ciudad Encantada (The Enchanted City): Hidden within the national reserve, this location boasts of naturally eroded rock formations. The whimsical and intricate patterns look like artistic domes, providing a surreal landscape reminiscent of melted chocolate structures.
Palacio Quemado (The Castles in the Sky): Near San Pablo de Lipez, Palacio Quemado offers an otherworldly geological marvel. Time and elements have sculpted the multi-colored strata of the Andes into captivating formations, allowing visitors to hike and explore these 'castles' reaching into the sky.