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Lima Cemetery Tour: Nueva Esperanza Exploration

Lima Cemetery Tour: Nueva Esperanza Exploration

$100 per person

We are talking here about the biggest cemetery in South America, and the second biggest one Worldwide.

This is a very important place for the people of Lima.

Immerse Yourself in “Nueva Esperanza”: Lima’s Cultural Gem and the World’s Second Largest Cemetery

Embark on a journey through “Nueva Esperanza,” Lima’s legendary cemetery and the second largest in the world. Far more than a mere burial ground, this iconic Lima cemetery serves as a vibrant epicenter for cultural and spiritual activities. Experience firsthand how “Nueva Esperanza” captivates the hearts and souls of both locals and visitors with its deep-rooted traditions and colorful celebrations.

The Heart and Soul of Lima: “Nueva Esperanza” Cemetery

An integral part of Lima’s community life, “Nueva Esperanza” transcends its role as just a cemetery. Here, generations of families gather to pay tribute, remember, and celebrate the lives of their ancestors. This cemetery, situated in the vibrant city of Lima, has truly become a living monument and social hub.

Day of the Dead Celebrations at “Nueva Esperanza”

Every November 1st, “Nueva Esperanza” morphs into a cultural epicenter, thanks to the celebrated “El Día de Los Muertos,” or the Day of the Dead. During this special occasion, thousands of visitors and locals pour into the cemetery. They engage in heartfelt rituals, from singing and eating to praying at elaborately adorned graves. Essentially, the cemetery becomes a stage for vibrant communal activities, making it a must-experience spectacle in Lima.

Contrasting with Western Traditions: The Role of “Nueva Esperanza”

While Halloween celebrations in Western countries often focus on costumes and treats, “Nueva Esperanza” offers a meaningful alternative. This Lima cemetery is a place where people connect emotionally and spiritually, particularly during the Day of the Dead. The focus here is not on the superficial but on fostering deep, meaningful connections with departed loved ones.

A Year-Round Destination: The Allure of “Nueva Esperanza”

Though the Day of the Dead is a highlight, the allure of “Nueva Esperanza” is not confined to a single day. With a rich history, diverse artistic displays on tombstones, and a serene atmosphere, this Lima cemetery offers compelling reasons to visit at any time of the year.

Why You Should Visit “Nueva Esperanza”

Beyond its grand scale and its pivotal role in Lima’s cultural landscape, “Nueva Esperanza” offers a unique and enriching experience throughout the year. From the storytelling tombs to the weighty rituals, each visit offers something new and poignant. Don’t miss the chance to explore this extraordinary Lima cemetery, a site that provides an insightful look into the city’s complex cultural and spiritual identity.

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• Private Tour for 1 person: 180 USD

• Private Tour for people: 100 USD per person

• Private Tour from to 6 people: 70 USD per person

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History of Lima

Lima is the capital city of the Republic of Peru and is located in the central coastal region of the country. The city is part of an elaborate ecosystem that includes the Chillón, Lurín and Rímac Rivers. The city has a scenic view of the Pacific Ocean.
In Lima, everything is in endless movement, and even the past is constantly being rediscovered. Lima offers an extraordinary range of emotions, sensations, colors and flavors: travelers can visit the city’s impressive cathedral, fly over the ocean, enjoy a photogenic sunset, or savor unmatched cuisine. Lima is now the gastronomic Capital of the world.
Lima is a place of converging trends, created by its people and their living culture, where you will find every corner of Peru represented. One visit to Lima can never be enough. Lima, filled with colonial-era riches, is the only capital in South America that faces the sea, and it is hailed as the gastronomic capital of Latin America.
It is a city you should not miss!

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