Ancon beach Cuba Expedition

14-Day Cuba Expedition: Havana History + Diving + Trinidad

14-Day Cuba Expedition: Havana History + Diving + Trinidad

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Embark on an unforgettable 14-day Cuba expedition. Starting in Havana, you’ll experience a city pulsating with life, history, and salsa rhythms. With Spanish architecture and centuries-old plazas, Havana tells stories of resilience and revolution.

Next, discover Cienfuegos. Known as the “Paris of the Caribbean”, this UNESCO gem boasts classical elegance. Its allure mirrors the elegance of Paris, framed in a Caribbean context. Then, explore Camagüey, a city with a pirate past now thriving as an art hub. Its winding alleys speak of old pirate legends, while showcasing an energetic art scene.

The highlight of this journey is diving in Jardines de la Reina. Aboard a luxury liveaboard, dive into clear, blue depths to explore untouched marine sanctuaries. Vertical coral walls, diverse marine life, and majestic sharks await in this diver’s paradise. For one week, embrace daily diving adventures, uncovering the ocean’s hidden treasures.

After your underwater exploration, visit Trinidad. This city offers a walk back in time with its cobblestone streets, colonial magic, and irresistible salsa beats. Here, every step is a dance with history, as the city weaves a captivating spell with its colonial charm and vibrant nightlife.

Your expedition concludes with a tribute to Che Guevara in Santa Clara, underlining the revolutionary spirit that courses through Cuba‘s veins. End your journey with a classic car ride in Havana, allowing the city’s timeless essence to wash over you as you traverse its historic and enchanting streets.

Every moment in this tour is an immersion, offering deep dives, free wandering, and encounters with the heart of Cuba. Join us, as we unfold the Cuban story, presenting an expedition that is as captivating and multifaceted as the island itself. With each day, a new adventure beckons, promising an intimate and unparalleled exploration of this Caribbean jewel.

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Tour Plan

Day 1 - Havana: Beginning Your Cuban Odyssey
Warm greetings from Cuba! As you disembark, know that a hassle-free journey awaits you. We've arranged a complimentary transfer to whisk you from the airport straight to your guesthouse. Our welcoming hosts will be on hand, allowing for a seamless check-in, irrespective of your arrival time. For early birds, take advantage of a few spare moments to get a feel for Cuba's pulse before our official welcome session at 6pm. Depending on your vigor and zest post-journey, Havana beckons with its myriad offerings. Consider this a gentle nudge: perhaps ensure you're digitally connected by securing Wi-Fi cards for the duration of your stay.
Day 2 - Journey from Havana to Cienfuegos: Tracing Heritage Trails
Dawn breaks with the promise of exploration. Beginning in the heart of Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1982, you'll delve into the architectural opulence and historical richness of what is undoubtedly a jewel of the Caribbean. Meander through its labyrinthine alleys and expansive plazas. As you soak in the majestic Spanish architecture, iconic locales like Plaza de Armas, Plaza San Francisco de Asis, Plaza Vieja, and Plaza de la Catedral unfurl their tales. As the sun ascends, we'll journey to Cienfuegos, a city often referred to as the "Paris of the Caribbean". Here, an orientation walk introduces you to its eclectic mix of Caribbean warmth and Parisian elegance, illuminating its vibrant history and undeniable charm. Included Adventures:
  • Guided Exploration of Old Havana
  • Introduction to the Splendors of Cienfuegos
Day 3 - Delving into Camagüey: From Pirates to Prosperity
Our journey today brings us to the intriguing city of Camagüey. With a history peppered with tales of smugglers and lucrative contraband, it once drew the attention of the audacious privateer, Henry Morgan, who later became the Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica. Following a raid that didn't quite yield the expected treasures, the city was engulfed in flames. Legend suggests that its labyrinthine streets, resembling a warren, were designed post-raid to deter and confound future invaders. Today, Camagüey stands tall as a beacon of Cuban prosperity, its lanes echoing with artistic creativity and cultural vibrancy. It proudly hosts a thriving art scene and is the cradle of the illustrious Cuban Ballet. Upon our arrival and settling into our local accommodations, or "casas", we will embark on a guided excursion through the heart of the city. Delve into its rich tapestry of history, and get acquainted with local artisans who breathe life into Camagüey's cultural legacy.
Day 4-10 - Underwater Adventures from Jerico Port to Jardines de la Reina
Starting Day 4, we anchor our journey in Jerico Port, the gateway to your diving odyssey in Jardines de la Reina. Here, you'll step onto your luxurious liveaboard, which will be home for the week, promising dives from Sunday to Friday. The rhythm of diving is tuned to your preferences, with instructors guiding based on customer feedback, ensuring 3-4 tailored dives daily. Early risers can anticipate a 7:00 am wake-up call, followed by a refreshing coffee/tea, and breakfast by 7:15 am. By 8:00 am, our proficient dive instructors are set to plunge into the underwater realm. Speedy dive boats whisk you away to varied dive sites each day, offering not just underwater marvels but also vistas of mangrove-lined channels, untouched beaches, and a mosaic of vibrant fauna. Sunday starts with a check-in dive, ensuring familiarity with the gear and environment. Detailed briefings by our instructors lay out dive specifics – from anticipated marine life sightings to nuances of diving alongside majestic sharks. Post the inaugural dive, a relaxing break on a serene beach sets the stage for the next dive. Come midday, we reconvene on the boat for a hearty lunch. Post-lunch hours can be spent diving or exploring lagoons and mangroves. As evening descends, retreat to the liveaboard, share dive tales, and unwind with refreshing Mojitos. By 8:00 pm, gather around for a sumptuous communal dinner, punctuated by discussions on the next day's dive prospects. For those keen on nocturnal marine wonders, night dives are an option. The week caps off on Friday with two morning dives. Post-dive, we sail back to Jucaro Port, spending the night on the mother yacht, prepping for Saturday's disembarkation.
Day 11-12 - Time-traveling in Trinidad
As dawn breaks on Day 11, we’ll rendezvous at Jerico Port at 8am, marking the conclusion of your liveaboard adventure. From here, we journey towards Trinidad, a city where the hands of time seemingly froze in 1850. Picture cobblestoned lanes, vivid colonial edifices, and the quaint charm of horse-drawn carts—this is Trinidad in all its timeless splendor. Upon our arrival, post settling into the local 'casas', we venture on foot to acquaint you with the heart of Trinidad. Meander through Plaza Mayor, explore an array of museums, and as night descends, experience the city’s vibrant nightlife. Before night fully claims the horizon, we'll indulge in a rooftop dinner, with panoramic views of the sun sinking into the Caribbean. On Day 12, we welcome the morning with a trip to the pristine Ancon Beach, a haven of sun and surf. Later, as we return to Trinidad’s embrace, we immerse ourselves in the rhythmic allure of salsa, complemented by an afternoon of rich rum tasting. Activities to Anticipate:
  • Guided Exploration of Trinidad
  • Salsa Dancing Lessons
  • Sunset Dinner at a Premier Rooftop
  • Savoring Cuban Rum
Day 13 - Revelations in Havana via Santa Clara
From the romantic alleys of Trinidad, our next stop is Santa Clara, ranking as Cuba's fifth-largest city and a monumental landmark in the nation's revolutionary chronicles. It's notably celebrated for the Battle of Santa Clara, where, on New Year's Eve of 1958, Che Guevara and his battalion claimed victory, prompting President Batista's abrupt exit from Cuba within a mere 12 hours. Santa Clara has since transformed into a mecca for those intrigued by Che's legacy. The city's centerpiece is the Plaza de la Revolucion, dominated by a towering bronze effigy of Che Guevara, perched atop a museum and mausoleum that we'll be exploring. This majestic statue is a testament to Che's indelible impact on Cuban history. From this revolutionary city, we return to Havana's charms, wrapping up the day in style - cruising in classic cars, basking in Havana's panorama, and witnessing a mesmerizing sunset from the iconic Morro Castle.
Day 14 - Farewell to Havana, Farewell to Cuba
The final day has dawned. It's time to bid adieu to the rhythmic soul of Cuba, a land that undoubtedly etches unforgettable memories in every traveler's heart. Check-out is scheduled for 12pm, but we genuinely hope the island's allure entices you to stay longer. Fancy extending your journey in Havana? Just give us a heads up during booking, and we'll seamlessly organize additional accommodations for a supplementary charge. While we part ways here, the essence of Cuba is something you'll carry forever.

Tour Location

From the rhythmic streets of Havana to the tranquil depths of Jardines de la Reina, Cuba unfurls as a tapestry of history, art, and natural splendor, beckoning travelers to an immersive odyssey.

Havana: Havana stands as Cuba's heart and soul, emanating a blend of timeless tradition and modern vibrancy. Its streets echo with stories of yesteryears, where grand colonial buildings stand shoulder to shoulder with lively jazz clubs. Classic cars breeze through its avenues, painting a scene reminiscent of the 1950s. Cienfuegos: Often referred to as the "Paris of the Caribbean", Cienfuegos exudes a unique blend of Cuban spirit and European elegance. Its seaside boulevards and neoclassical architectures tell tales of a rich colonial past, while the pulsating rhythms of Cuban son music bring the city to life each night. Camagüey: Nestled in the heart of Cuba, Camagüey is a canvas of winding alleys, ornate churches, and majestic squares. Its intricate urban layout, designed to confuse pirate invaders, now serves as a maze of artistry and history, with every turn unveiling vibrant art galleries or ballet performances. Jardines de la Reina (Gardens of the Queen): An underwater paradise, Jardines de la Reina is a marine reserve teeming with life. It promises divers a rendezvous with sharks, vibrant corals, and mesmerizing underwater caves. Above the surface, it offers pristine beaches, mangroves, and a sense of untouched wilderness. Trinidad: Like a living museum, Trinidad captures the essence of colonial-era Cuba. Its cobblestone streets are lined with colorful houses, colonial palaces, and bustling local markets. The rhythmic beats of salsa music reverberate through the air, inviting everyone to dance, while the backdrop of mountains and beaches offers a natural retreat.




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