Puna de Atacama tour, Catamarca, Argentina

Puna de Atacama Tour: 8-Day Exploration in Catamarca, Argentina

Puna de Atacama Tour: 8-Day Exploration in Catamarca, Argentina

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Set out on an 8-day tour to Puna de Atacama, a breathtaking highland region in Catamarca, Argentina. This adventure beckons explorers and photographers to dive into a world of natural beauty. From captivating salt flats to towering volcanoes, this journey offers unforgettable memories.

Discover Unearthly Beauty: Landscape and Wildlife

Feast your eyes on the Puna de Atacama landscapes. Here, sweeping salt flats and towering volcanoes offer photographic gems. Moreover, the charming presence of wildlife like flamingos and llamas adds a special touch to every moment.

A Rich Cultural Experience

Beyond its natural wonders, the Puna de Atacama is home to Argentina’s rich cultural heritage. You will visit landmarks like the Quilmes Ruins, which showcase traditions and history, making your journey not just scenic but also enlightening.

Comfortable Exploration with a Personal Touch

We ensure your comfort with specially arranged accommodations and 4×4 transportation. Savor local meals and interact with experienced guides. Additionally, we’ve crafted this adventure to immerse you in the Puna’s unique splendor, so every detail is taken care of.

An Invitation to Join the Puna de Atacama Tour

This tour is more than a simple trip; it’s an invitation to connect with unspoiled beauty. Situated in Catamarca province, this plateau tour reveals awe-inspiring vistas and thrilling explorations.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer, an avid nature lover, or simply an adventurer at heart, the Puna de Atacama tour is waiting for you. Uncover its mysteries and join us for an exploration where the natural grandeur of Puna de Atacama is yours to discover.

Important Notes for Travelers:

  • We offer double or triple rooms with private bathrooms.
  • Fixed menus are served for lunches and dinners, not a la carte options.
  • No special diets are available for vegans or celiacs.
  • If you’re over 60, you must provide a medical certificate.
  • Pack one medium-sized suitcase and one small backpack per passenger.
  • Dress in layers and wear proper footwear for this uneven terrain.
  • Photographers, remember to bring your tripods.
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  • What to wear
    Wear layered clothing with moisture-wicking base layers, insulating mid-layers, and waterproof outer layers, along with sturdy hiking footwear.
  • Included
    Photo Assistance
  • Not Included
    Entrance Fees
    Local Flights

Tour Plan

Day 1: Arrival in Salta
Your adventure begins with your arrival in Salta, Argentina, the gateway to the Puna de Atacama. After a warm welcome from our professional guides, you'll be escorted to your hotel where you can unwind and prepare for the excitement ahead.
Day 2: Journey to Cafayate
On the second day, we'll depart for Cafayate, traversing the mesmerizing landscapes that transition from lush valleys to arid desert. Along the way, you'll be introduced to local vineyards, with an opportunity to taste some of Argentina's famed wines. Overnight, you'll stay in Cafayate, a charming town renowned for its wineries and unique scenery.
Day 3: Entering the Puna de Atacama
Day three marks the beginning of our exploration in the heart of the Puna de Atacama. We'll drive through the mystifying Quebrada de las Flechas, where you'll see astonishing geological formations. Arriving in the Puna, you'll experience the profound beauty of this high-altitude plateau, resting overnight amid its quiet splendor.
Day 4: Exploring Salt Flats and Volcanoes
Your fourth day will be filled with awe-inspiring sights as we explore the vast salt flats and dramatic volcanoes of the region. The Salar del Hombre Muerto and the towering Galán volcano will be among the highlights, offering unprecedented photographic opportunities.
Day 5: Discovering Wildlife and Cultural Landmarks
On the fifth day, our journey continues with a visit to the tranquil lagoons that are home to flamingos, vicuñas, and llamas. We'll also delve into the cultural heritage of the region with visits to significant landmarks, including the ancient Quilmes Ruins, connecting you to Argentina's rich history.
Day 6: More Exploration of the Puna's Natural Wonders
Day six offers further exploration of the Puna's natural wonders. We'll venture to places like the Antofagasta de la Sierra and the Campo de Piedra Pómez, where you'll be able to walk amid the incredible stone formations shaped by time and wind.
Day 7: Return to Salta
As our Puna de Atacama tour draws to a close, we'll make our way back to Salta on the seventh day, reflecting on the unforgettable experiences and friendships forged. A farewell dinner in Salta offers a chance to reminisce and share your favorite memories.
Day 8: Departure
On the final day, after breakfast, you'll be transferred to the airport, bringing an end to your 8-day exploration of the Puna de Atacama in Catamarca, Argentina. As you depart, you'll carry with you not only beautiful photos but memories and connections that will last a lifetime.

Tour Location

The Puna de Atacama is an otherworldly high-altitude plateau located in Catamarca, Argentina. This vast, breathtaking region offers a stunning array of landscapes from salt flats and majestic volcanoes to serene lagoons and unique geological formations. A tour through the Puna de Atacama is a journey into an unspoiled wilderness that captivates the senses and the imagination.

Salta: Salta, often referred to as "La Linda," is a beautiful city that serves as the gateway to the Puna de Atacama. Known for its colonial architecture, vibrant culture, and delightful local cuisine, Salta offers a lively starting point for the tour.
Cafayate: Cafayate is a charming town nestled in the Calchaquí Valleys, renowned for its vineyards and unique red rock landscapes. Visitors to Cafayate can indulge in wine tasting and explore the breathtaking Quebrada de las Conchas.
Salar del Hombre Muerto: This vast salt flat, also known as the Dead Man's Salt Flat, is a surreal and awe-inspiring feature of the Puna de Atacama. The white crystalline surface, reflecting the sky, creates a mesmerizing and endless horizon.
Galán Volcano: The Galán volcano is one of the largest volcanic calderas in the world and an imposing presence in the Puna landscape. It provides thrilling exploratory opportunities and serves as a majestic backdrop for photographs.
Quilmes Ruins: A testament to the ancient civilizations that once called this region home, the Quilmes Ruins are an essential cultural stop on the tour. These pre-Columbian ruins provide a glimpse into the lives and traditions of the indigenous Quilmes people.
Antofagasta de la Sierra: A picturesque town in the Puna region, Antofagasta de la Sierra is a hub for exploring the nearby volcanic field and striking landscapes. This town is a blend of natural beauty and local charm.
Campo de Piedra Pómez: Campo de Piedra Pómez, or Pumice Stone Field, is a fascinating geological marvel. Wind and water have sculpted this vast field of pumice stones into intricate shapes and formations, creating a landscape that appears almost alien in its beauty.
Each of these locations contributes to the unforgettable experience of the Puna de Atacama tour, offering unique sights, cultural richness, and adventurous exploration. Whether it's the splendor of nature or the echoes of history, there's something to inspire every traveler in this extraordinary part of Argentina.