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Puerto Maldonado Jungle Expedition: Unearth Amazon Secrets

Puerto Maldonado Jungle Expedition: Unearth Amazon Secrets

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Upon landing in Puerto Maldonado, whether from Lima or Cusco, you’ll be greeted by the tranquil environment of a lodge nestled by the Madre de Dios River. Not long after you’ve settled in, an invigorating walk awaits. We guide you across our towering canopy bridges, which are superb spots to observe the diverse wildlife. Birds, sloths, and monkeys can often be seen moving about. As the sky starts displaying evening hues, a stunning jungle sunset unfolds before you.

Once twilight descends, our team embarks on a thrilling nocturnal caiman search. Your appetite for adventure by day transitions seamlessly to an appetite for authentic cuisine by night. Dive into the culinary delights of the region at one of Puerto Maldonado’s finest eateries.

With the first rays of dawn, our Puerto Maldonado Jungle expedition directs you to the renowned Chuncho Parrot Clay lick within Tambopata National Reserve. It’s truly a sight to behold as macaws, amazons, and parakeets converge, their colors painting a vibrant picture against the clay backdrop. Additionally, the nearby riverbanks often serve as lounging spots for jaguars, pumas, and capybaras.

Next, we shift our focus to the pristine Sandoval Lake in Tambopata Reserve. While traversing its surrounding jungle, you’ll encounter a rich tapestry of wildlife, from playful monkeys to elusive snakes. On the lake itself, boat rides offer serene views and the chance to spot alligators, otters, and an array of birds.

Bird enthusiasts, rejoice! We offer an optional visit to another parrot clay lick. And, as your expedition comes to a close, a final foray into Puerto Maldonado’s bustling market ensures a taste of local life.

Embark on the Puerto Maldonado Jungle Expedition and immerse yourself in the heart of the Amazon’s allure.

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Tour Plan

Landing to Puerto Maldonado from Lima or Cusco, where we will find our hotel.
We will take a few moments to settle in our lodge on the edge of the Madre de Dios River, lost in the jungle, and enjoy this incredible location.
We will join a six bridges canopy, each other over 35 meters high ( 110 feeds hight). We will have a nice panoramic view from the canopy or dosel (treetops) with luck we can see birds, sloths, monkeys, arboreal snakes, orchids. Bridges are located on the Madre de Dios river shore 01 hour down stream from Puerto Maldonado.
We will enjoy Sunset from there.
On the way back we will look for Caimans in the night.
At dinner time, we will enjoy being in the jungle to have an amazing dinner at the best restaurant in town, where all typical plates of the region will be available.
Early in the morning, we will head to the Chuncho Parrot Clay lick.
For parrot enthusiasts, visiting a macaw and parrot clay lick is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable highlights of your trip to the Amazon rainforest. The Tambopata National Reserve in southeastern Peru protects the world’s largest known parrot clay lick and the area contains the highest known concentration of them in the world.
A clay lick (locally known as colpa) is a naturally forming wall of clay on a riverbank caused by erosion from the river.
Every morning at around dawn, macaws, amazons, parakeets, parrotlets and other parrots flock to these clay licks to eat clay, sometimes hundreds at a time, creating an incredible wildlife spectacle.
Big and colorful macaws are concentrated in this clay such as scarlet macaws, red and green, blue and yellow macaws, and parrots, this is one of the most popular places to search for wildlife, there always is a chance to see jaguars, pumas or capibaras on the river shore.
Early in the morning, We will head to Sandoval Lake (Tambopata Reserve) where we will have a 5.5 km walk in the jungle with many opportunities to observe monkeys, snakes, tarantulas, wild pigs, and when we reach the shores of Lake Sandoval we will take our boat to navigate on the lake and keep looking for local fauna such as alligators, giant river otters, parrots and a diversity of birds.
For the Bird lovers we could explore another Parrot clay lick this early morning ( On-demand ).
Before getting our flight around mid-day, we will have a morning walk at the local market of Puerto Maldonado. The best place to understand and enjoy the local life.

Tour Location

Puerto Maldonado is a city in the southeastern region of Peru, known as the gateway to the Amazon Rainforest. This vibrant city is a hub for eco-tourism and wildlife photography, with an abundance of opportunities to capture stunning images of the diverse flora and fauna of the region.
From colorful macaws and monkeys to exotic butterflies and orchids, the Amazon Rainforest is a photographer's paradise. With its proximity to several national parks and conservation areas, Puerto Maldonado is the perfect base for exploring the rainforest and capturing breathtaking photos of its incredible biodiversity.
Whether you're a professional photographer or simply looking to capture some amazing vacation snapshots, Puerto Maldonado is an ideal destination for photo tourists.

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    Amazing experience! I just arrived from the jungle tour in puerto Maldonado with these guys. I loved meeting the indigenous communities. That was a unique experience. They took care of all details from accomodation, tours, meals and transportation. Very happy with the experience. Thank you

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