Costa Rica Birding Tour

Costa Rica Birding Tour: 14-Day Journey into Nature Magnificence

Costa Rica Birding Tour: 14-Day Journey into Nature Magnificence

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Take a 14-day adventure through Costa Rica’s breathtaking landscapes on this birding tour. Explore rich and diverse ecosystems, from Braulio Carrillo National Park’s high-altitude terrains to Caño Negro’s wetlands. Your Costa Rica birding tour will immerse you in the vibrant world of over 500 bird species and other exotic wildlife. Experience rainforests, volcanoes, lagoons, and botanical gardens, capturing memories through your camera’s lens.

Tour Highlights:

Braulio Carrillo National Park: Here, you will discover an incredible altitudinal range and over six thousand types of plant life. Take an aerial tram tour and explore the rainforest from a bird’s eye view.

Tortuguero National Park: You can witness Leatherback Turtles nesting and enjoy macro-photography sessions at night.

La Selva Biological Station: Walk through wet lowland tropical forests and learn about long-term ecological research.

Arenal and Tenorio Volcano Areas: Visit these iconic spots and marvel at the volcanic landscapes while indulging in birding photography.

Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge: This site offers lush lagoons and wetlands that serve as a refuge for migratory birds and other wildlife.


Your package includes all ground transportation (SUV 4×4 or Van for groups of 8 passengers), activities like boat tours, park fees, local guides, double occupancy accommodations, and meals according to the itinerary.


Exclusions are airline flights, dinner in San Jose on the arrival day, travel or health insurance, equipment, visas and passport fees, personal items, and gratuities for hotel staff and local guide.

Other Important Notes:

Please note that the tour’s rates apply from 2023 until November 30th, 2024, for a group of 8 people. Make sure to take care of all necessary travel preparations and health considerations before departure.

Embark on a Costa Rica birding tour to unlock untamed beauty. Enjoy unparalleled photography opportunities and engage with nature’s wonders. Whether you’re a birdwatcher or a lover of natural beauty, this tour offers a unique and tailored experience. Book now and embark on a journey that brings you closer to nature’s rhythms in biodiversity’s heartland. Your adventure awaits!

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  • What to wear
    Wear layered clothing with moisture-wicking base layers, insulating mid-layers, and waterproof outer layers, along with sturdy hiking footwear.
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    Local Flights

Tour Plan

Day 1: Arrival in Costa Rica
Arrive at Juan Santamaria's International Airport and settle into your accommodation in San Jose. Start your Costa Rica birding tour adventure with an evening at leisure.
Day 2 & 3: Explore Braulio Carrillo
Discover over 500 bird species at Braulio Carrillo National Park. Enjoy aerial tram tours, an orchid garden, and bird photography sessions. Stay overnight in the rainforest.
Day 4 & 5: Journey to Tortuguero
Head to Tortuguero National Park, famous for Leatherback Turtles and exotic wildlife. Capture memorable photos on boat tours and explore Caño Palma. Overnight at a local lodge.
Day 6 & 7: Delve into Sarapiqui, La Selva
Explore La Selva Biological Station's wet lowland tropical forests. Photograph birds, hike La Selva Trails, and visit local feeders. Enjoy owls photography at Donde Cope.
Day 8 & 9: Arenal and La Fortuna
Witness Arenal Volcano area's rich bird species and wildlife. Visit Mistico Hanging Bridges, Arenal National Park, and photograph birds in private reserves. Enjoy the vibrant surroundings.
Day 10 & 11: Uncover Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge
Explore over 100 hectares of lagoons at Caño Negro, a refuge for migratory birds and mammals. Take boat tours, visit wetlands, and enjoy photography in the garden.
Day 12 & 13: Bijagua, Tenorio Volcano
Visit the Tenorio Volcano area, a hub for birdwatching and hiking. Experience hanging bridges, photography at Bird Songs Garden, and explore Tenorio National Park.
Day 14: International Departure
After breakfast, head to the International Airport for your onward journey. End your Costa Rica birding tour with lasting memories and a newfound connection to nature.

Tour Location

Experience the true essence of Costa Rica's natural beauty through this 14-day birding tour. From the lush landscapes of Braulio Carrillo National Park, home to over 500 bird species, to the mysterious Tortuguero, where Leatherback Turtles nest, your journey will take you through an array of unique locations. Explore La Selva Biological Station, a treasure trove of ecological research and vibrant biodiversity. Witness the majestic Arenal Volcano area, a birders' paradise with its rich flora and fauna. Glide through the tranquil lagoons of Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge and hike the scenic trails around the Tenorio Volcano. With such diverse and breathtaking destinations, this Costa Rica birding tour promises a captivating and unforgettable adventure into nature's magnificence. Experience it all with expert guides, comfortable accommodations, and carefully curated activities tailored to the birding enthusiast.

Braulio Carrillo National Park Spanning over 110,000 acres, Braulio Carrillo is a haven for bird enthusiasts. With the greatest altitudinal range of any Costa Rican park, it's home to over 500 species of birds and offers diverse habitats. Enjoy aerial tram tours, lush gardens, and rainforest walks in this spectacular location.
Tortuguero National Park A unique blend of waterways and wildlife, Tortuguero National Park offers extraordinary birding and wildlife photography. Recognized as a prime location to observe Leatherback Turtles, the park's varied ecosystems make it an incredible spot for birds, mammals, reptiles, and macro-photography.
La Selva Biological Station Situated in the wet lowland tropical forest, La Selva Research Station is an ecological gem. The station's extensive research provides unique insights into bird demography, community interactions, and climate change responses. Discover over 40 years of data and enjoy guided photography tours through its well-preserved landscapes.
Arenal Volcano Area Known for its iconic volcano, this area is a hotspot for birding. Most of the bird species identified in Costa Rica can be found within the park’s borders. Explore the Mistico Hanging Bridges, enjoy bird photography in private reserves, and encounter wildlife like capuchin monkeys, jaguars, and exotic snakes.
Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge Caño Negro offers over 100 hectares of lagoons surrounded by lush woods in a humid tropical climate. As a refuge for migratory birds, fish, and mammals, its ecological diversity serves as its main attraction. Enjoy boat tours at the refuge and the unparalleled opportunities for bird photography.
Tenorio Volcano The valley between the Tenorio Volcano and Volcán Miravalles showcases Costa Rica's remarkable diversity of micro-climates, ecological zones, and habitats. A natural flyway for various species, explore hanging bridges, Bird Songs Garden, and the breathtaking landscapes of Tenorio National Park.
These diverse locations combine to make the Costa Rica Birding Tour a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for birding enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. From rainforests and volcanoes to lagoons and wildlife refuges, the tour covers some of the most magnificent and unique destinations Costa Rica has to offer. Explore, capture, and connect with nature's magnificence in this unforgettable 14-day adventure.