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Light Trek 7-Day Chalten Fitz Roy Tour: Experience Patagonia

Light Trek 7-Day Chalten Fitz Roy Tour: Experience Patagonia

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Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime 7-day, 6-night Chaltén Fitz Roy Tour that takes you through the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia. The Camp Trek is specially designed for adventure seekers and photography enthusiasts, offering moderate treks with extraordinary opportunities to capture the mystical dawn and dusk lights over the iconic glacial lakes, Cerro Fitz Roy, and Cerro Torre.

Physical Requirement: Moderate
Skill Level: Suitable for amateurs to professionals in photography

Fitz Roy Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy professional photography guidance to capture Patagonia in its best light.
  • Two nights of immersive camping at Fitz Roy Base Camp and Laguna Torre Base Camp.
  • Expert bilingual mountain guide for a secure and enriching experience.
  • Includes meals, lodging, and transportation to key viewpoints.

Setting Foot in the Adventure Capital of Argentina

As you arrive in the charming town of El Chaltén, known as Argentina’s trekking capital, you’ll immediately feel the aura of adventure that permeates the air. You check into your designated hotel and, without wasting much time, attend an enriching orientation session led by our professional photography guide. Here, you learn the nuts and bolts of what lies ahead: the routes, the landscapes, and how to capture Patagonia in its best light.

A Teaser Trek and a Sunset Over The Paredón

The same afternoon, you’ll get your boots dirty with a short but invigorating trek to Paredón Viewpoint. As you ascend, the town starts to appear like a miniature model, and the mountains begin to show off their grandeur. When you reach the viewpoint, you realize it’s worth every step—your first Patagonian sunset, a spectacle of colors and shades, lighting up the faces of the nearby peaks and valleys. You click your first shots, knowing that this is just a trailer of the visual feast that awaits you.

In the Shadow of Giants: Cerro Fitz Roy Beckons

After experiencing your first Patagonian sunrise—an array of warm colors reflecting off the magnificent Andes—you begin your trek to Poincenot, one of the base camps for Fitz Roy. Your route is a scenic 12 km trail that weaves through glacial streams and dense forests. Once at Poincenot, you’ll have the rest of the afternoon to shoot the spectacular scenery around you, including a mesmerizing sunset along the Chorrillo River, with Fitz Roy towering in the backdrop.

A Sun-kissed Morning at Laguna de los Tres

The following pre-dawn hours will find you hiking towards Laguna de Los Tres, a spot famed for its panoramic view of Fitz Roy. You set up your tripod and camera, waiting for the first rays of the sun to touch the tips of the towering granite spikes. When it happens, you’re there to capture it, realizing that some moments are truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

From Capturing Landscapes to Capturing Skills

After making your way back to El Chaltén, the day is yours to relax and let the morning’s images sink in. But the learning isn’t over; a comprehensive lecture on Lightroom post-production techniques awaits you. Skills in hand, you set out once again in the evening, this time to the Mirador Fitz Roy, for another sunset session that promises to be unique in its own right.

The Enigmatic Cerro Torre and Night Under the Stars

Your next destination is the enigmatic Cerro Torre, a peak often shrouded in mystery and clouds. The trail cuts through a forest of lenga trees and leads you to the Thorwood Camp near Laguna Torre. Here, as twilight descends, you’ll capture a different form of natural beauty, both during the ethereal moments of sunset and under the celestial canvas of a Patagonian night sky.

Sunrise at Laguna Torre and a Fond Farewell

As the morning light starts to break, you find yourself at Laguna Torre, capturing the sunrise against the backdrop of the spike-like Cerro Torre. Your final trek back to El Chaltén is bittersweet, filled with photo ops but tinged with the realization that the adventure is nearing its end.

On your last day, you gather for a final breakfast, reviewing the body of work you’ve accumulated over the week. With camera cards full and hearts equally loaded with memories, you bid farewell, not as a tourist but as an adventurer who has tasted the spirit of Patagonia in its purest form.

This is the essence of the Chaltén Fitz Roy Tour—a journey that promises not just to show you Patagonia, but to immerse you in its soul. So why wait? Reserve your spot today and become a part of this extraordinary adventure!

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  • What to wear
    Pack waterproof hiking boots, comfortable trainers, thermal undergarments, UV-protective long-sleeved shirts and sunglasses, a rentable sleeping bag, headlamp, gloves, hat, neck cover, and windproof, rainproof jacket and trousers, along with an optional hiking stick.
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    Entrance Fees
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    Local Flights
    Photo Assistance

Tour Plan

Day 1: Your First Glimpse of El Chaltén - Where It All Begins

Arrival and Orientation

After arriving in El Chaltén, you'll check into your designated hotel by 2 PM. The sense of adventure kicks in immediately as our lead photographer provides an in-depth orientation about the Patagonia Photo Tour, in association with the Amigos del Parque Nacional Los Glaciares Zona Norte.

Evening Exploration

Later in the afternoon, we'll embark on a brief 2 km trek to the “Paredón Viewpoint.” Here, you can test your photography skills by capturing the radiant hues of the setting sun as it kisses the town and mountain peaks goodbye for the day.
Day 2: Cerro Fitz Roy - Where Earth Meets Sky

The Sunrise Prelude

Before the crack of dawn, we'll transfer to a nearby viewpoint to photograph the sunrise over the Andes, a moment you'll want to freeze in time.

Trekking to Poincenot

Post-breakfast, we set out for the Poincenot camp with a 12 km trek. The Fitz Roy mountain starts to dominate the skyline, a majestic backdrop that will be a constant companion in your photographs.

Sunset by the Chorrillo River

After setting up camp, we venture out to the banks of the Chorrillo River for a magical sunset photography session.
Day 3: From Laguna de los Tres to El Chaltén - The Photographer’s Dream

The Predawn Excursion

We'll trek 2 km to Laguna de Los Tres, climbing 400 meters in altitude. Prepare yourself for a sunrise like no other—right in the lap of Cerro Fitz Roy.

Return to Civilization

The day isn't over yet! The 10 km trek back to El Chaltén offers plenty of opportunities to capture the dramatic waterfalls and banks of the Chorrillo River.
Day 4: Leisure, Learning, and More Photography in El Chaltén

Time for Self-Exploration

The morning is yours to relax or explore El Chaltén at your own pace.

Skill Enhancement

By 11 AM, we regroup for a comprehensive lecture on post-production techniques in Lightroom, elevating your photography to professional levels.

Another Sunset Story

We'll transfer you to Mirador Fitz Roy for yet another breathtaking sunset photo session. This is the Chaltén Fitz Roy Tour after all—where every sunset tells a different story.
Day 5: The Mystical Cerro Torre

Trek to Laguna Torre

Post-breakfast, we set off on an 11 km trek to Laguna Torre, traversing through a forest of lenga trees.

Sunset and Night Photography

As evening falls, we'll capture the ethereal qualities of the Fitz Roy River or Laguna Torre, under the canvas of a setting sun and a rising moon.
Day 6: Witnessing Dawn at Laguna Torre

The Early Riser

Today, we get a front-row seat to the world’s most beautiful sunrise from the Laguna Torre and the Maestri viewpoint.

The Homeward Trek

We'll trek 11 km back to El Chaltén, snapping shots of Cerro Torre from vantage points that are sure to make your portfolio pop.
Day 7: The Last Chapter in El Chaltén

The Farewell Breakfast

Our last meal together is a time to reminisce about the adventure and friendships formed. We'll review our photographic work and part ways, not as clients and guides, but as friends who shared a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Tour Location

Nestled within the dramatic landscapes of Argentina's Patagonia, El Chaltén serves as the gateway to your awe-inspiring Chaltén Fitz Roy Tour. Known as the country's trekking capital, El Chaltén places you at the foothills of the iconic Cerro Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre, surrounded by glacial lakes, dense forests, and panoramic viewpoints that photographers and nature lovers dream of. Here, each trail brings you face-to-face with Patagonia's untamed beauty, making it an unparalleled location for an adventure of a lifetime.

El Chaltén

Unearth Argentina’s Trekking Paradise: Discover El Chaltén, the charming gateway town for your Chaltén Fitz Roy Tour. Known as Argentina's trekking capital, this location is a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts and serves as your base for exploring Patagonia's iconic peaks and glacial lakes.

Paredón Viewpoint

A Sunset Spectacle Above the Town: Enjoy panoramic vistas of El Chaltén and the surrounding mountain ranges from Paredón Viewpoint. It's your first taste of Patagonian beauty and an idyllic spot for capturing golden hour photography.

Poincenot Camp (Fitz Roy Base Camp)

Camping Beneath the Towers of Granite: Experience an unforgettable night at Poincenot Camp, set at the base of Cerro Fitz Roy. This spot offers unique photo opportunities at both sunset and sunrise, making it a must-visit on your Chaltén Fitz Roy Tour.

Laguna de los Tres

A Sun-kissed Morning Amid Alpine Bliss: Renowned for its stunning views of Cerro Fitz Roy, Laguna de los Tres is your front-row seat to one of the most glorious sunrises in Patagonia. The lake's tranquil waters and the towering Fitz Roy create a photographer's paradise.

Mirador Fitz Roy

Your Sunset Canvas in the Sky: Capture breathtaking sunsets that paint the sky in hues of pink, orange, and red at Mirador Fitz Roy. This viewpoint offers a wide-angle perspective on the Andean peaks and is an essential stop for any budding or professional photographer.

Thorwood Camp (Laguna Torre Base Camp)

Camping Under the Patagonian Sky: Spend a night at Thorwood Camp, adjacent to Laguna Torre, and wake up to the enigmatic Cerro Torre silhouetted against the dawn sky. It's the perfect spot for both sunset and astro-photography, adding diversity to your Chaltén Fitz Roy Tour.

Laguna Torre

Rise and Shine at the Maestri Viewpoint: Complete your adventure with a sunrise shoot at Laguna Torre, one of Patagonia's most iconic glacial lakes. With Cerro Torre in the backdrop, you're guaranteed to capture some of the most dramatic and awe-inspiring moments of your trip.