Full Day Quito Tour

Quito Tour: A Full-Day Photography Expedition in Ecuador Capital

Quito Tour: A Full-Day Photography Expedition in Ecuador Capital

$220 per person

Quito Tour Highlights

Immerse yourself in a full day of photographic exploration through Quito, the capital of Ecuador and a UNESCO World Heritage site. From the crack of dawn to the charm of twilight, traverse through architectural marvels, pulsating cultural hubs, and bustling local life that constitute the city’s vibrant ethos. Our itinerary includes iconic locations such as the picturesque Itchimbía hill, the golden La Compañia de Jesus church, the historic Plaza Grande, the bustling Santa Clara local market, the artifact-rich Alabado museum, and the towering Statue of the Virgin of Panecillo. This tour is designed to unlock the hidden beauty of Quito and create lasting memories through your lens.


Your day begins with a sunrise view from Itchimbía hill, offering a stunning vista of the city. After breakfast, you’ll delve into Quito’s colonial and religious past, visiting landmarks like the gilded La Compañia de Jesus church and the bustling Plaza Grande. A stroll through the San Francisco church and plaza and the San Juan neighborhood gives you more architectural marvels to capture.

Next, you’ll visit the vibrant Santa Clara local market, a perfect spot to capture the daily life of Quiteños. After lunch, you’ll explore the Alabado museum’s pre-colonial treasures. Following a rest, you’ll catch the sunset from the Panecillo Hill, topped with the iconic Statue of the Virgin of Panecillo. Your day concludes with a night tour of Quito, emphasizing the city’s stunning architecture and the vibrant La Ronda Street.

Pricing Details

  • Solo Journey: 520 USD
  • Traveling Pair: 280 USD per person
  • Group Adventures: 220 USD per person (for groups of 3 or more)

Services Included

  • Private transfers and excursions accompanied by a Spanish-speaking driver and a certified English-speaking photographer guide
  • Meals as indicated in the program: breakfast and lunch
  • Entrances to sites, museums, and national parks specified in the program
  • Licenses
  • Visits included in the program
  • Photography permission to la Compañia de Jesus Church

Services Not Included

  • International flights
  • Hotel with breakfast in Quito
  • Individual equipment
  • Visits indicated as “Optional” or “at an additional cost”
  • Drinks in bars, hotels, restaurants, or villages
  • Not indicated meals
  • Tips

Note: A passport with at least 6 months validity is required for entry into Ecuador. As of now, proof of Covid-19 vaccination or a negative PCR test are no longer required to travel to Ecuador.

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  • Departure/Return Location
    Your hotel in Quito
  • Departure Time
  • Return Time
    After 18h00
  • What to wear
    Comfortable seasonal clothing and shoes
  • Included
    Photo Assistance
  • Not Included
    Entrance Fees
    Local Flights

Tour Plan

Quito Full-Day Photography Tour Schedule
5:30 AM - Sunrise at Itchimbía hill: Begin your day early at the iconic Itchimbía hill. Capture the breathtaking sunrise and panoramic views of the city in the morning light.
7:30 AM - Breakfast: Refuel with a hearty breakfast at your hotel.
8:30 AM - Visit of the Heart of Quito: Embark on a journey through Quito's colonial and religious past. Visit the gold-adorned La Compañia de Jesus church and the vibrant Plaza Grande.
12:00 PM - Lunch Time: Savor a local lunch in the bustling Santa Clara market, amidst an array of colorful fruits and local specialties.
1:30 PM - El Alabado museum visit: After lunch, explore the heritage of Ecuador at the Alabado museum, showcasing pre-colonial artifacts from around the country.
3:30 PM - Rest at the hotel: Rest and refresh at your hotel after a day of exploration.
5:30 PM - Quito city by night: As the day winds down, ascend the Panecillo Hill for a stunning sunset view of Quito. Then, enjoy a twilight exploration of the city, capturing the contrast of light and dark against the city's architecture. Stroll down the historic La Ronda Street, lined with 17th-century houses.
Each location in this schedule offers unique photo opportunities that leverage the changing light and vibrant city life of Quito. This schedule ensures that you get the most out of your day, capturing the architectural, cultural, and natural beauty of this historic city.

Tour Location

Explore the city that is beautifully nestled in the Andean foothills. Known for its well-preserved colonial center, Quito's rich blend of 16th and 17th-century churches and structures present a mix of European, Moorish, and indigenous styles. Capture the city's stunning views from sunrise at Itchimbía hill to sunset from the Panecillo Hill.

Quito: As the capital city of Ecuador, Quito is a rich tapestry of history, culture, and architectural brilliance nestled in the Andes mountains. From its lively markets to ancient churches, colorful streets, and cultural hotspots, the city offers an immersive experience. Quito's UNESCO recognized old town boasts well-preserved colonial structures, art-filled churches, and bustling plazas. At the same time, modern Quito offers a contrast with its new-town brimming with contemporary art, gastronomy, and vibrant nightlife. The city's lofty altitude gifts it with an unparalleled panoramic view, especially at sunrise and sunset, making Quito a must-visit destination for any avid photographer.
Itchimbía hill: Perched above the city, Itchimbía hill presents panoramic views over the sprawling expanse of Quito. The rising sun paints the city in breathtaking colors, offering a photographer's paradise and a sublime start to the day.
La Compañia de Jesus church: An architectural gem in the heart of Quito, the 17th-century La Compañia de Jesus church captivates with its baroque style and intricate gold leaf decoration. A testament to Quito's rich history and architectural splendor, it is a visual treat that takes you back in time.
Plaza Grande: The beating heart of Quito's old town, Plaza Grande is an expansive square flanked by historic buildings. It pulsates with life and culture, offering a vivid tableau of city life and myriad photographic opportunities.
Santa Clara local market: Santa Clara market is a vibrant microcosm of Quito's daily life. The hustle and bustle, the tantalizing array of local cuisine, and the riot of colors from Ecuador's fruits come together in a sensory spectacle that begs to be captured.
Alabado museum: A repository of Ecuador's rich heritage, the Alabado museum houses 5,000 artifacts from around the country. Exploring its vast collection offers a deep dive into the country's pre-colonial past and presents unique subjects for a keen photographer's lens.
Panecillo Hill: Dominating Quito's skyline is the iconic Statue of the Virgin of Panecillo, atop the eponymous hill. The ascent rewards with breathtaking views of the cityscape, especially during the sunset, when the city gets bathed in a warm, golden hue.
La Ronda Street: A testament to Quito's vibrant past, La Ronda Street is a charming hub that has served as the home to the city's artists, politicians, and writers. Its historic 17th-century houses line the cobbled streets, offering a fascinating glimpse into Quito's past and a treasure trove of photographic opportunities.