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$120 / per person

The Lima Photography Day Tour is the only tour that will take you to touristic and lesser known places of the Peruvian Capital. And all of that walking and using ta private transportation (safely of course). Is there any better way to discover Lima other than doing it as a "Limeño"?

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Birding Photo Ecuador Peru FULL DAY
$350 / per person

We start our tour early in the morning to avoid the rush hour and we head directly to the Pantanos de Villa Reserve. The Villa marshes are the only protected area within the city limits of Lima. This complex of lagoons, pools and marsh areas made up of totora reed clumps, are part of a…

$190 / per person

Visit Pucusana Fishermen Village as well as the second-largest cemetery in the world. It is the only tour that will take you to lesser-known locations outside the Peruvian capital.

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$100 / per person

We are talking here about the biggest cemetery in South America, and the second biggest one Worldwide. This is a very important place for the people of Lima.

$650 / per person

Is there a better way to observe a city than from above ? Our 30 mins photography flight above Lima will offer you exclusive photographic opportunities.

Lima Night Tour Photo Adventure NIGHT TOUR
$110 / per person

Join us on an unforgettable night photography adventure in Lima, where the city's iconic landmarks and enchanting beauty come alive under the stars. From the illuminated historical city center and the spectacular Fountain Circuit to the scenic Miraflores Malecon, this tour is sure to ignite your creativity and provide stunning photographic opportunities.

Lima City Tour Peru Day Tour
$200 / per person

Explore Lima's vibrant history and culture with our Lima Street Photo Tour. From the grandeur of the Historical Center to the creativity of Barranco, our professional photographers will capture your unforgettable moments. Book your 3-4 hour adventure now and make memories that last a lifetime.

$370 / per person

This Expedition will take you to the amazing Paracas National Park, with its Ballestas Islands. But also to the only desert oasis in South America.

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$230 / per person

Meet the real people of rural Peru. Spend time with a beautiful, welcoming family in their home. Full portrait sessions of the locals in traditional Peruvian clothing..

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Lima Historical Tour - Peru Legacy FULL DAY
$150 / per person

Embark on a journey through time with our Lima Historical Tour. Explore ancient ruins, colonial mansions, and world-class museums in Peru's capital city. Discover Lima's rich cultural heritage on this unforgettable full-day tour.