Costa Rica Photo Tour - Keelbilled Toucan

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Gaucho herd work 4 DAYS
$1495 / per person

Join our 4-Day Estancia & Gaucho Tour in Corrientes for an immersive photographic expedition. Capture Argentine culture, landscapes, wildlife, and the life of gauchos. Enjoy local gastronomy in a charming atmosphere and create unforgettable memories.

Costa Rica Rainforest Tour 3 DAYS
$0 / per person

Discover the untamed beauty of Costa Rica's Sarapiquí Valley with our immersive rainforest tour. Engage with nature like never before through guided explorations, macro photography, and unique experiences like night adventures in the jungle. This all-inclusive Costa Rica rainforest tour offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with one of the world's most complex ecosystems.

Costa Rica Highlands Tour 5 DAYS
$0 / per person

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of the Costa Rica Highlands on a 5-day tour adventure. From the tranquil San Gerardo de Dota to the historic Orosi Valley, this tour offers a harmonious blend of nature, history, and culture. Engage in unique activities such as birding photography and exploration of architectural wonders. Don't miss this…

Costa Rica Caribbean Jungles Tour 13 DAYS
$0 / per person

Journey through Costa Rica's exotic Caribbean jungles with stops at Tortuguero National Park and Sarapiquí. Tortuguero, known for Leatherback Turtle nesting, offers remarkable opportunities for birding and macro-photography. Sarapiquí, a hotspot for biodiversity, will enchant you with its diverse flora and fauna. Experience the wilderness like never before on this 5-day Caribbean jungles tour

Paraty photo tour Brazil 4 DAYS
$1600 / per person

Experience the charm of Brazil's coastline with our 4-Day Paraty Tour. Explore UNESCO heritage sites, lush forests, traditional fishing villages, and more. Book now to discover Brazil's coastal beauty and cultural richness.

Amazon Expedition Rainforest Tour in Peru 5 DAYS
$0 / per person

Explore the Peruvian Amazon on our 5-day rainforest tour. Designed for photography enthusiasts, this adventure offers a chance to capture stunning wildlife and landscapes. From canopy exploration to night walks, immerse yourself in one of Earth's most diverse ecosystems.

Easter Island Tour 3 DAYS
$0 / per person

Embark on a captivating 3-day Easter Island tour, exploring the mystical land of Rapa Nui. Marvel at iconic moai statues, ancient volcanic craters, and breathtaking ocean vistas. This all-inclusive journey is a photographer's dream and a treasure trove of history and culture. Join us for an unforgettable adventure in one of the world's most intriguing…

Atacama Desert Tour - Lejia Lagoon 3 DAYS
$2750 / per person

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the Atacama Desert's ethereal landscapes. From stunning sunsets to geological wonders, explore nature's artistry in its rawest form.

Brazil Photo Expedition 4 DAYS
$1100 / per person

Welcome to an unforgettable 4-day Brazil photography tour that takes you deep into the heart of the country's enchanting Atlantic Rainforest. This exceptional journey is designed for both amateur and professional photographers, allowing you to explore and capture the extraordinary beauty and rich biodiversity of this mesmerizing region. Guided by experienced local experts, you'll traverse…

$540 / per person

Those are the two most photogenic spots in Cusco Region, and a lesser know but as impressive. What a place for photographers that love to play with perspectives and gorgeous/unreal landscapes.

$1490 / per person

A full exploration of some of the best the Cusco region has to offer. Explore colonial streets and Incan ruins. Experience the famous Machu Picchu; the Lost City of the Incas. Get in touch with the real people of rural Peru and have the opportunity to learn about and photograph them and their daily lives.

5 Reviews
$570 / per person

Visit stunning landscape locations from dramatic valleys to glacial peaks. See and photograph the largest flying bird in the world - the andean condor, against the majestic Apurimac valley.

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